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Single Collection + Mitsubachi

Album Cover
Sakamoto Maaya
Single Collection+ Mitsubachi (シングルコレクション+ミツバチ)
Catalog Number
VTZL-50 (Limited Edition)
VTCL-70006 (Regular Edition)
¥6,300 (Limited Edition)
¥2,625 (Regular Edition)
CD Tracklist
  1. Loop (ループ)
  2. Magic Number (マジックナンバー)
  3. DOWN TOWN (original: SUGAR BABE)
  4. Triangler (トライアングラー)
  5. Saigo no Kajitsu (さいごの果実; The Last Fruit)
  6. Spica (スピカ)
  7. action!
  8. Yasashisa ni Tsutsumareta Nara (やさしさに包まれたなら; Embraced by the Tenderness) (original: Arai Yumi)
  9. Ame ga Furu (雨が降る; Falling Rain)
  10. Buddy
  11. Private Sky
  12. Kazemachi Jet ~ mistubachi edition (風待ちジェット; Jet Waiting for a Good Wind)
  13. More Than Words (モアザンワーズ)
  14. Okaerinasai (おかえりなさい; Welcome Home)
  15. Praline (プラリネ)
  16. April Fool feat. Sakamoto Maaya / Tomita Keichi (エイプリルフール feat. 坂本真綾 / 冨田ラボ)
  17. Nekoze (猫背)
Blu-ray Tracklist
  1. Saigo no Kajitsu (さいごの果実; The Last Fruit)
  2. Triangler (トライアングラー)
  3. Ame ga Furu (雨が降る; Falling Rain)
  4. Magic Number (マジックナンバー)
  5. everywhere
  7. Himitsu (秘密; Secret)
  8. Buddy
  9. Okaerinasai (おかえりなさい; Welcome Home)
  10. Original Short Movie: Driving in the silence (ショートムービーDriving in the silence)
    1. Driving in the silence
    2. Sayonara Santa
    3. Driving in the silence -reprise-
  11. More Than Words (モアザンワーズ)
  12. Original Short Film: Universe (ユニバース)


Single Collection+ Mitsubachi is the fourth best album released by Sakamoto Maaya. It features a compilation of Sakamoto's A-sides from her thirteenth single "Loop" to her twenty-first single "More Than Words". Two B-sides were also included, a new arrangement of "Kazemachi Jet", a Tomita Keichi song featuring Sakamoto and a unreleased song produced by Kanno Yoko. The album was released in SHM-CD format. The limited edition includes a Blu-ray with a PV collection, which includes music videos and short films from 2007 to 2012. A nearly identical DVD/Blu-ray as the limited edition disc was later released independently titled MAAYA BEST CLIPS.

Oricon Chart Positions

Sakamoto Maaya promoting the album
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 3 7 10 13 13 15 9 19,654
13 24 - 27 - - - 33 4,291
x x x x x x x x xx,xxx
Year Month Rank Sales
2012 November 27 25,824

Total Reported Sales: 29,434

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