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Mada Tooku ni Iru / Unmute

Limited Edition Cover
Regular Edition Cover
Sakamoto Maaya
Mada Tooku ni Iru / un_mute (まだ遠くにいる)
Catalog Number
VTZL-220 (Limited Edition)
VTCL-35349 (Regular Edition)
¥3,300 (Limited Edition)
¥1,540 (Regular Edition)
Disc 1
  1. Mada Tooku ni Iru (まだ遠くにいる; Still Far Away)
  2. un_mute
  3. Konna Hi ga Kuru Nante (こんな日が来るなんて; I Never Thought a Day Like This Would Come)
  4. Mada Tooku ni Iru -Instrumental-
  5. un_mute -Instrumental-
  6. Konna Hi ga Kuru Nante -Instrumental-
Disc 2
Sakamoto Maaya LIVE 2022 "un_mute"
  1. Sumire (菫)
  2. Kotoba ni Dekinai (言葉にできない)
  3. Midori no Hane (みどりのはね)
  4. Here
  5. Mada Tooku ni Iru (まだ遠くにいる)
  6. un_mute
  7. Kazamidori (カザミドリ)
  8. Hidden Notes
  9. Kuuhaku (空白)
  10. Replica (レプリカ)
  11. Clover (クローバー)
  12. Senri no Michi (千里の道)


"Mada Tooku ni Iru / un_mute" is the 34th single released by Sakamoto Maaya. It was released in two versions: a limited 2CD edition and a regular CD edition. The song "Mada Tooku ni Iru" was used as the ending theme for the anime Hikari no Ou, and the song "un_mute" was used as the ending theme for the anime REVENGER.

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