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Loop (Sakamoto Maaya)

CD Art
Sakamoto Maaya
Loop (ループ)
Catalog Number
  1. Loop (ループ)
  2. High Touch (ハイタッチ)
  3. Loop (w/o maaya)
  4. High Touch (w/o maaya)
  5. Loop (ループ) (PV) (bonus video)


"Loop" is the thirteenth single released by Sakamoto Maaya. The title track was used as the first ending theme to the anime Tsubasa Chronicle. The single reached at #7 on the Oricon charts and charted for nine weeks, selling a total of 42,446 copies. This was her first single not to be produced by Kanno Yoko. The CD also contains the music video for "Loop".

Song Information

Sakamoto Maaya promoting the single
Other Information
Arrangement: h-wonder
Bass: Mikuzuki Chihara
Guitar: Suzuki Kenji
Programmed & manipulated by h-wonder
Record & mixed by Nakahara Masayuki at Victor Studio / Studio BLAN
Co-ordinated by Sato Koji (scoopmusic)
sunset side Information
Arrangement: Mori Toshiyuki
Acoustic piano: Mori Toshiyuki
Drums: Tamada Tomu
Bass: Okiyama Yuji
Guitars: Ogura Hirokazu
Trombone: Murata Yoichi, Okumura Akira
Flugel horn: Sugasaka Masahiko
Backing vocals: Sakamoto Maaya


There are four known versions of Loop to be found in Sakamoto Maaya's discography. These include:

Found on the "Loop" single as track #1, Yuunagi Loop album as track #3, Tsubasa Chronicle Best Vocal Collection album as track #3 and Single Collection+ Mitsubachi as track #1. This is the main version set to the PV.
Loop (w/o maaya)
Found on the "Loop" single as track #3. This is the standard version except without vocals.
Loop (TV Size)
Found on the Tsubasa Chronicle Future Soundscape I album as track #20. This is the short size mix used in the ending of the anime.
Loop ~ sunset side
Found on the everywhere album as track #15 of the first disc. This is a remix version arranged by Mori Toshiyuki.

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