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30 Minutes Night Flight (song)

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Sakamoto Maaya
30minutes night flight
Sakamoto Maaya
Yamada Toshiaki
Other Information
Arrangement: Mori Toshiyuki
Programming & manipulating: Mori Toshiyuki
Bass: Okiyama Yuji
Guitar: Furukawa Masayoshi
All other instruments: Mori Toshiyuki

"30minutes night flight" is a pop song recorded by Sakamoto Maaya. The song first appears as track #1 on Sakamoto's second mini-album 30minutes night flight. A rearranged short version was also featured in the mini-album as the closing track.


There are two known versions of 30minutes night flight to be found in Sakamoto Maaya's discography. These include:

30minutes night flight
Found on the 30minutes night flight mini-album as track #1 and everywhere album as track #10 of the second disc.
30minutes night flight~sound of a new day
Found on the 30minutes night flight mini-album as track #7. This is a short remix instrumental version used as the closing track of the mini-album.

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