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Ogata Risa

Ogata Risa promoting "DanshaISM / Ima Nanji?" (2020)

Ogata Risa (小片リサ) is a Japanese pop singer and talent managed by Up-Front Promotion. She was formerly part of Hello! Project as the sub-leader of Tsubaki Factory.


  • Name: Ogata Risa (小片リサ)
  • Birthdate: November 5, 1998 (1998-11-05) (age 25)
  • Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
  • Blood Type: A
  • Height: 159cm
  • Hobbies: Drawing, singing, studying German
  • Specialties: Jazz dancing, 12 years dance training, kendama (3rd Level)
  • Favorite Color: Red
  • Looks Up To: Fukuda Kanon
  • Hello! Project groups:


Ogata Risa made her first appearance as a Nice Girl Project! Kenshuusei on April 30, 2011 at a Shinjuku BLAZE live event. After the program was discontinued in November 2014, Risa and several other members were introduced as Hello! Pro Kenshuusei at the "Hello! Pro Kenshuusei Happyoukai 2014~November-December no Nama Tamago Show!~".

On April 29, 2015 she was revealed to be one of six members in a new group, named Tsubaki Factory. The unit consisted entirely of Hello! Pro Kenshuusei, including Yamagishi Riko, Niinuma Kisora, Tanimoto Ami, Kishimoto Yumeno, and Asakura Kiki.

A special notice announcing Ogata Risa's indefinite suspension for a violation of rules was uploaded to the Hello! Project website on October 8, 2020. The announcement included statements from Representative Director Nishiguchi Takeshi and Ogata, explaining that she requested the suspension herself after taking responsibility for leaked posts from a private social media account used as a diary to vent, including some containing admittedly untrue and emotionally charged assertions about other members of Tsubaki Factory. In her personal statement she acknowledged writing everything, apologized for her immature behavior, and requested fans continue to support Tsubaki Factory while she used her time away to look closely at herself and grow as a person.

Ogata Risa announced that she would depart from Tsubaki Factory and Hello! Project on December 28, 2020, but would continue entertainment activities under Up-Front. Within her statement she shared her wish to return to performing, acknowledged not feeling that she could return to the group after causing trouble, expressed her desire to start over and work hard, and thanked fans for watching over her and continuing to watch Tsubaki Factory.

Ogata resumed activities on June 1, 2021 with the upload of a cover of Keiko Mizukoshi's "Too far away", titled "Far away", and the opening of a new blog. At the same time it was announced she would appear in the M-line Special 2021 ~Make a Wish!~ concerts throughout June.




  • [2022.10.26] Docchi (どっち)

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Orange no Sunadokei ~Risa Hatachi~

  • [2019.11.05] Orange no Sunadokei ~Risa Hatachi~ (オレンジの砂時計~リサ二十歳~; Orange Hourglass ~Risa 20 Years Old~)

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