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Feel Myself

Sakamoto Maaya
Feel Myself
Iwasato Yuho, Sakamoto Maaya
Kanno Yoko
Other Information
Arrangement: Kanno Yoko
Keyboards: Kanno Yoko
Drums: Miyata Shigeo
Bass: Watanabe Hitoshi
Guitar: Imahori Tsuneo (by the courtesy of PONY CANYON INC.), Furukawa Masayoshi
Synthesizer manipulate: Urata Keishi
Percussion: Kakehashi Ikuo
Trumpet: Araki Toshio
Trombone: Murata Toshio
Alto sax: Yamamoto Takuo

"Feel Myself" is a pop song recorded by Sakamoto Maaya. The song first appears as track #1 on Sakamoto's debut album Grapefruit and was later featured on her 15th anniversary best album, everywhere as track #12 of the second disc.

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