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Hirayama Yuki

Hirayama Yuki promoting "Kuyashii wa / Piece of Peace ~Shiawase no Puzzle~" (2022)

Hirayama Yuki (平山遊季) is a Japanese pop singer and idol managed by Up-Front Promotion and part of Hello! Project. She is the tenth generation member of ANGERME.



Hirayama Yuki was revealed to be one of nine new Hello Pro Kenshuusei members, and one new Hello Pro Kenshuusei Hokkaido member, in an official website announcement on August 2, 2019. They made their first live appearance and were officially introduced at the "Hello! Project Kenshuusei Happyoukai 2019 9gatsu ~Kira~" on September 8th.

Hirayama was revealed to be joining ANGERME as the only 10th generation member on December 30, 2021 at the Hello! Project Year-End Party 2021 ~GOOD BYE & HELLO!~ ANGERME Premium, where her member color was also announced as light green.



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  • Her favorite types of music are Hello! Project in general, western music, and K-Pop.
  • Her favorite sport is ice hockey (especially watching).
  • Her motto is "Perseverance is power" (継続は力なり; Keizoku wa chikara nari).
  • Her favorite animal is the wolf.
  • She has been practicing Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement, since elementary school.


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