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I Need U

Limited Edition A Cover
Regular Edition Cover
Limited Loppi HMV Edition Cover
BTS SHOP Edition Cover
I NEED U (Japanese Ver.)
Catalog Number
PCCA-04298~9 (Limited Edition)
PCCA-04300 (Regular Edition)
BRCA-00071 (Limited Loppi HMV Edition)
SCCA-00032 (BTS SHOP Edition)
¥1,700 (Limited Editions)
¥1,300 (Regular & BTS SHOP Edition)
CD Tracklist
  1. I NEED U -Japanese Ver.-
  2. DOPE -Chou Yabee!- -Japanese Ver.- (DOPE-超ヤベー!-; So Awesome)
  3. Funtan Shounendan -Japanese Ver.- (フンタン少年団) (Regular & BTS SHOP Editions only)
DVD Tracklist
  • Limited Edition
  1. Jacket Picture Making Video
  • Limited Loppi HMV Edition
  1. Music Video Making


"I NEED U" is the fifth Japanese single released by BTS. It comes in four versions: a limited CD+DVD edition, a regular CD Only edition that comes with 1 trading card (out of 8 variations), a limited CD+DVD Loppi HMV edition, and a regular CD Only BTS SHOP edition that comes with 1 trading card containing a X-mas message (out of 7 variations) that is sold only on the Pony Canyon Bangtan Boys SHOP. All editions come with an event lottery ticket.

"I NEED U" was the first BTS' song to achieve a #1 on a music program show, two years after their debut.

Live Performances

Song Information

Pdogg, "hitman" bang, RAP MONSTER, SUGA, J-HOPE, Brother Su
Jungkook, RM, SUGA, J-HOPE, V, Jimin, Jin
Other Information
Producer: Pdogg
Rap & Vocal Arrangement: Pdogg
Keyboard: Pdogg
Synthesizer: Pdogg
Chorus: Jungkook
Recording Engineer: Pdogg
Mixing Engineer: James F. Reynolds
I NEED U (Urban Mix)
Remix: Boradori, Slow Rabbit
Guitar: Kim Sung Min
Keyboards: Boradori
Synthesizer: Slow Rabbit
Mixing Engineer: Yang Ga
I NEED U (Remix)
Remix: Shaun
Additional Programming: Pdogg
Keyboard: Shaun
Synthesizer: Shaun
Mixing Engineer: Kim Bo Sung
I NEED U -Japanese Ver.-
Producer: Pdogg
Japanese Lyrics: KM-MARKIT
Rap Arrangement: KM-MARKIT, Pdogg
Vocal Arrangement: Pdogg
Chorus: Jungkook
Keyboard: Pdogg
Synthesizer: Pdogg
Mixing Engineer: James F. Reynolds

Music Video

MV Shot.

The Original version of the music video was directed by Choi Yongseok, whilst the Japanese version was directed by Edie Ko. The first teaser was released on April 23rd and the full music video on April 30th. As it was depicting troubled youth, some scenes were cut. The full version (Original ver.) was released later on May 10th, featuring some more darker scenes.

In this music video was first introduced the "BTS Universe" or "BU", following the life stories of seven young and troubled friends. The characters have the names of the band members, but their background or stories are ficticious.

The music video starts with Seok-jin (Jin) holding six flower petals, supposedly representing each one of his friends. Intertwined with scenes of the seven friends having fun together are scenes of each one of their storylines. Yoon-gi (SUGA) is in a room by himself playing with a lighter. He ends up setting everything on fire with him inside. Ho-seok (J-Hope) is taking narcolepsy pills in the bathroom. When he's outside, he ends up collapsing on a bridge. Tae-hyung (V) goes outside of his home. When he comes back, he finds his father hitting his sister, so he breaks a bottle and stabs him to death. Jung-kook is wandering the streets at night. He bumps into a couple of thugs and they beat him up. After that, when he's crossing the street, a car runs into him. Nam-joon (RM) is working at a gas station. He's seen burning some money. Ji-min is in a bathroom. He turns on the bathtub water until it overflows. He gets in the tub, crying, and dives in.



TV Music Shows


I NEED U(Japanese Ver.)


BTS promoting the single

Oricon Chart Positions

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
1 3 2 3 3 3 4 3 95,668
10 30 29 22 21 27 37 34 2,957
29 26 26 36 27 13 18 25 2,680
19 24 28 16 24 33 38 25 1,468
40 49 34 38 - 39 - 46 835
39 - - 37 - - - 67 698
- - - - - - - 78 489
- - - - - - - 124 440

Total Reported Sales: 105,235*

Gaon Digital Charts

I NEED U (Original version)
Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10
Position 5 6 11 16 23 42 47 52 58 64
Week 11 Week 12 Week 13
Position 80 87 95
Year Month Rank
2015 April 68
2015 May 12
2015 June 46
2015 July 85
Year Rank
2015 90
I NEED U (Urban Mix)
Week 1
Position 97

United World Charts

Japanese single
Week Rank Points
52 / 2015 37 58,000


Found on their Hwayang Yeonhwa pt. 1 mini-album as track #2. This is the standard version of the song.
I NEED U urban mix
Found on their Hwayang Yeonhwa: Young Forever special album as track #7. This is a remixed version of the standard song by Boradori and Slow Rabbit.
I NEED U remix
Found on their Hwayang Yeonhwa: Young Forever special album as track #8. It is a remix by SHAUN.
I NEED U -Japanese Ver.-
Found on their YOUTH album as track #12. This is the Japanese version of the song, with new lyrics in Japanese.
I NEED U (Demo Ver.)
Found on the third disc of their PROOF anthology album as track #5. This is a short and early version of the song. The structure and lyrics are slightly different.

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