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Boudan Shounendan 1st Japan Tour 2015 "Wake Up: Open Your Eyes"

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Blu-ray Cover
DVD Cover
Boudan Shounendan 1st JAPAN TOUR 2015 "WAKE UP:OPEN YOUR EYES" (防弾少年団1st JAPAN TOUR 2015『WAKE UP:OPEN YOUR EYES』)
Catalog Number
PCXP-50315 (Blu-ray Edition)
PCBP-53131 (DVD Edition)
¥7,334 (Blu-ray Edition)
¥6,315 (DVD Edition)
  1. INTRO
  2. Danger -Japanese Ver.-
  3. We are bulletproof PT.2
  4. WAKE UP
  5. 2nd Grade
  6. Hip Hop Phile
  7. Let Me Know
  8. Tomorrow
  9. Ii Ne!
  10. Ii ne! Pt.2 ~Ano Basho de~
  11. Blanket Kick
  12. Just One Day -Japanese Ver.- Extended
  13. Miss Right -Japanese Ver.-
  14. If I Ruled the World
  15. NO MORE DREAM -Japanese Ver.-
  16. N.O -Japanese Ver.-
  17. Hormone Sensou -Japanese Ver.-
  18. BOY IN LUV -Japanese Ver.-
  19. EN.1 THE STARS
  20. EN.2 JUMP -Japanese Ver.-
  21. EN.3 Paldogangsan
  22. EN.4 Shingeki no Boudan


Boudan Shounendan 1st JAPAN TOUR 2015 "WAKE UP:OPEN YOUR EYES" is a DVD/Blu-ray released by BTS.

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