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Kaze ga Fuku Hi

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Sakamoto Maaya
Kaze ga Fuku Hi (Ma-aya version) (風が吹く日; The Day When the Wind Blows)
Iwasato Yuho
Kanno Yoko
Other Information
Arrangement: Kanno Yoko
Keyboards: Kanno Yoko
Drums: Sano Yasuo
Bass: Watanabe Hitoshi
Guitar: Imahori Tsuneo (by the courtesy of PONY CANYON INC.)
Synthesizer manipulate: Urata Keishi
English horn: Shibayama Hiroshi

Kaze ga Fuku Hi is a pop song recorded by Sakamoto Maaya. The song first appears as track #10 of Sakamoto's debut album Grapefruit and was later featured on her 15th anniversary best album, everywhere as track #9 of the first disc. It was used as an image song for the anime Tenkuu no Escaflowne.

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