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Hirai Miyo

Hirai Miyo (平井美葉) is a Japanese pop singer and idol managed by Up-Front Promotion and part of Hello! Project. She is the Leader of SeasoningS a member of the collective group BEYOOOOONDS.


  • Name: Hirai Miyo (平井美葉)
  • Nickname: Miyo~n (みよ〜ん)
  • Birthdate: December 11, 1999 (1999-12-11) (age 24)
  • Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
  • Blood Type: A
  • Height: 156cm
  • Specialties: Dancing, painting
  • Hobbies: Taking photos, watching theater, dancing
  • Looks Up To: Ishida Ayumi, Nonaka Miki
  • Hello! Project groups:


Hirai Miyo participated in the 2016 13th generation Morning Musume '16 Shinseiki Audition and did not pass. The following year she tried out for the special 20th anniversaty Hello! Project Shin Member Audition, but failed to become a finalist.

Hirai and two other winners from the 2018 Hello! Project "ONLY YOU" Audtion, Kobayashi Honoka and Satoyoshi Utano, were revealed as new members of BEYOOOOONDS on December 3, 2018 during the "BEYOOOOONDS Ouen Kikaku FC Event 2018 ~Fuyu no Jin ZIN~" at Yamano Hall.



belles feuilles

  • [2022.01.28] belles feuilles ([Fr]: Beautiful Leaves)
  • [2024.04.10] be-lief

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TV Programs
  • [2020] Kagome GO! ME. "ONE DAY"




  • Participated in the special Hello! Project New Member Audition in 2017.
  • Her favorite genres of music are K-Pop and western music.
  • Her favorite sport is dance.
  • Her motto is "Nothing ventured, nothing gained" (身を捨ててこそ浮かぶ瀬もあれ; Mi wo sutete koso ukabuse mo are).
  • Studied ballet for 14 years, jazz and contemporary for 6 months, and began attending hiphop and contemporary classes while in University.
  • Was part of a 4-member band called "Popcorn" (ポップコーン) in high school.
  • Previously sang soprano, as part of her efforts to eventually play female roles in Takarazuka musicals.
  • Applied to the Takarazuka Music School at one point.
  • She became a fan of Hello! Project after her older sister showed her music videos. Her desire to become a performer and her admiration of Hello! Project idols for their high skills led to her taking the audition.
  • Is interested in writing lyrics and song composition.
  • She's a fan of dancer and model Sugawara Koharu and the all-female musical theater troupe Takarazuka Revue. Her favorite Takarazuka show is "Wakaki Hi no Uta wa Wasureji" ( 若き日の唄は忘れじ).
  • Her favorite Hello! Project song is "Ashita Tenki ni Naare" by Kobushi Factory.


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