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Aoi Aoi Kono Hoshi ni

Single Cover
Uehara Azumi
Aoi Aoi Kono Hoshi ni (青い青いこの地球に)
Catalog Number
  1. Aoi Aoi Kono Hoshi ni (青い青いこの地球に; In This Blue, Blue World)
  2. Aoi Aoi Kono Hoshi ni ~Short Ver. Little boy blue mix~ (青い青いこの地球に)
  3. Precious Days
  4. Aoi Aoi Kono Hoshi ni ~Long Ver. Remix~ (青い青いこの地球に)
  5. Aoi Aoi Kono Hoshi ni ~Instrumental~ (青い青いこの地球に)


"Aoi Aoi Kono Hoshi ni" is Uehara Azumi's debut single. The title track was used as the 13th ending theme for the anime Meitantei Conan. The lyrics for both original songs on the single were by Uehara herself, with addition help from AZUKI Nana on the title track. It reached #9 on the weekly Oricon charts, charted for eight weeks and sold 83,820 copies.

It is often incorrectly romanized as "Aoi Aoi Kono Chikyuu ni" due to the kanji used.

Song Information

Uehara Azumi / AZUKI Nana
Ohno Aika
Other Information
Arrangement: Oshiro Quron
Remixers: Pinarah & Meyer Lansky, Ichikau Takayuki (Short ver. little boy mix) / Tokunaga Akihito, Nakajima Akio (Long Ver. remix)

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