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Meitantei Conan Gouka no Himawari

Gouka no Himawari Movie Poster

Meitantei Conan Gouka no Himawari (名探偵コナン 業火の向日葵 Detective Conan Sunflowers of Inferno) is the ninteenth movie released for the Meitantei Conan anime. It was released in Japan on April 18th, 2015. The movie was the 4th with most income in 2015 compared to other Japanese films, with an income of 4.48 billion yen.[1]


Conan`s rich friend, Sonoko, is in auction hall with her famous grandfather in a skyscraper in New York. The highlight of this auction is one of Vincent Van Gogh`s Master-piece in his Sunflowers series. It claims to be newly discovered addition to the seven Arles series of Sunflowers. However, the painting looks exactly like an authenticated one found previously in Japan called The Second Sunflowers. Nobody knows which one is real. Suddenly, Sonoko`s grandfather wins the final bid for the picture.

He decides to open an exhibition and display a complete collection of Van Gogh`s Sunflowers, with addition of this painting. When suddenly during exhibition, they discover a calling card warning of an imminent heist left by the infamous thief known as Kid. True to his word, Kid the Phantom Thief makes his appearance before vanishing with the painting into the night sky.

An explosion goes off in the private freight plane carrying the Sunflower paintings into Japan, blowing off the door of the plane and sending the paintings into the sky. Next thing you know, Kid the Phantom Thief is flying away with the masterpieces from the exploded flight. After the event, the owners of the remaining Sunflower paintings begin to withdraw their paintings from the exhibition. However, Conan and his friends pay a visit to the exhibition of one of the Sunflower paintings in Lakerock Museum when they come across another heist notice from Kid the Phantom Thief. They finally get the stolen painting back after negotiating with the Thief.

On the day of the exhibition, in which seven Sunflower paintings are on display, a heist notice from Kid is again discovered, despite the high venue security. A big fire bursts out, with two of the Sunflower paintings are in danger of burning. Will our hero, Conan, save them in time?

Main Cast

Main Staff

Shizuno Kobun
Sakurai Takeharu
Nishiyama Takeshi
Edited by
Okada Terumitsu


Theme song

Home-media Release

DVD cover
DVD 'Special Edition' cover
Blu-ray cover
Blu-ray 'Special Edition' cover

The movie was first released on DVD on November 25th, 2015. The Blu-ray was first released the same day as the DVD. They both had a regular and a special edition.

The soundtrack album was released on April 15th, 2015.

Home-media Releases
Format Release date Catalog Number Price Oricon Charts Notes
DVD 2015.04.15 ONBD-2602/3 ¥6,912 #6 / 8 weeks Special edition
ONBD-2604 ¥5,616 #8 / 15 weeks Regular edition
Blu-ray ONXD-2012 ¥7,992 #12 / 10 weeks Special edition
ONXD-2013 ¥6,696 #61 / 4 weeks Regular edition

The regular edition DVD includes a postcard and a disc with the movie, its theatrical trailer and the announcement trailer. The special edition also includes a photo frame and an extra DVD with the 774th episode of the anime, an extra mystery case and a "NO MORE Movie Thief x Detective Conan Sunflowers of Inferno" clip. The Blu-ray editions have the same contents as their DVD counterparts.


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