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Kimi e no Uso

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Limited Edition Cover
Detective Conan Edition Cover
Regular Edition Cover
Musing Edition Cover
Kimi e no Uso (君への嘘; Lie to You)
Catalog Number
JBCZ-6015 (Limited Edition)
JBCZ-6016 (Detective Conan Edition)
JBCZ-4013 (Regular Edition)
JBCF-1005 (Musing Edition)
¥1,800 (Limited Edition)
¥1,500 (Detective Conan Edition)
¥1,296 (Regular Edition)
¥4,320 (Musing Edition)
"Limited, Detective Conan & Musing Editions" CD Tracklist
  • Disc 1
  1. Kimi e no Uso (君への嘘)
  2. microSOLDIER
  3. Kimi e no Uso -Instrumental-
  4. microSOLDIER -Instrumental-
  • Disc 2 (Detective Conan Edition only)
  1. VALSHE × Edogawa Conan × Mouri Kogoro Dream Special Interview (VALSHE×江戸川コナン×毛利小五郎 夢のスペシャル対談)
"Regular Edition" CD Tracklist
  1. Kimi e no Uso (君への嘘)
  2. microSOLDIER
  3. TRUTH ~A Great Detective of Love~ (TWO-MIX cover)
  4. Kimi e no Uso -Instrumental-
  5. microSOLDIER -Instrumental-
DVD Tracklist
  1. "Kimi e no Uso" MUSIC VIDEO
  2. MV Making Video


"Kimi e no Uso " is the ninth single released by VALSHE. It was released in four versions: a limited CD+DVD edition, a Detective Conan 2CD edition, a regular CD Only edition that came with a bonus track, and a Musing CD only edition that came with a tapestry (Sized A3). Each edition came with a different autograph message containing a replacement jacket (types A-D). The title track was used as the ending theme to the anime "Detective Conan."

Song Information

VALSHE promoting the single
doriko & minato
Other Information
Arrangement: G’n-
Strings Arrangement: Daisuke Ikeda

Oricon Chart Positions

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 13 10 12 3 13 19 14 7,479
24 - - - - - - 70 884
- - - - - - - 145 388
- - - - - - - 181 319

Total Reported Sales: 9,070

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