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The Best of Detective Conan ~The Movie Themes Collection~

Album Cover
THE BEST OF DETECTIVE CONAN ~The Movie Themes Collection~
Catalog Number
  1. B'z - Yuruginai Mono Hitotsu (ゆるぎないものひとつ)
  2. ZARD - Natsu wo Matsu Sail no You ni (夏を待つセイル(帆)のように)
  3. Aiuchi Rina - Dream x Dream
  4. Kuraki Mai - Time after time ~Hana Mau Machi de~ (~花舞う街で~)
  5. B'z - Everlasting
  6. Kuraki Mai - always
  7. Komatsu Miho - Anata ga Iru Kara (あなたがいるから)
  8. B'z - ONE
  9. ZARD - Shoujo no Koro ni Modotta Mitai ni (少女の頃に戻ったみたいに)
  10. Kyoko - Happy Birthday


THE BEST OF DETECTIVE CONAN ~The Movie Themes Collection~ is a compilation album that features various theme songs used for the Meitantei Conan movies. The album reached #29 on the weekly Oricon, achieving over 11,000 sales on its first week, and charted for 11 weeks.

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