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Tree (Tohoshinki)

CD+DVD Type A Cover
CD+DVD Type B Cover
CD Only Cover
Bigeast Edition Cover
Catalog Number
AVCK-79191/B (CD+DVD Type A)
AVCK-79192/B (CD+DVD Type B)
AVCK-79193 (CD Only)
AVC1-79194 (Bigeast Edition)
¥5,460 (CD+DVD Type A)
¥4,410 (CD+DVD Type B)
¥3,150 (CD Only)
¥2,835 (Bigeast Edition CD Only)
CD Tracklist
  1. I love you -Introduction-
  2. Champion
  3. Breeding Poison
  4. Ai wo Motto (愛をもっと; More Love)
  5. Cheering
  6. Something
  7. Good Days
  8. Hide & Seek
  9. Shinjiru Mama (信じるまま; Still Believe)
  10. SCREAM
  11. Crazy Crazy Crazy
  12. OCEAN
  14. Good-bye for Now
  15. I love you -Full Version- (CD Only Bonus Track)
  16. Very Merry Xmas (CD Only Bonus Track)
DVD Type A Tracklist
  • Music Videos:
  1. OCEAN (Music Video)
  2. SCREAM (Music Video)
  3. Very Merry Xmas (Music Video)
  4. White (Music Video)
  5. Something (Music Video)
  6. TREE OF LIFE (Music Video)
  7. OCEAN (Dance Version)
  8. SCREAM (Dance Version)
  9. Something (Dance Version)
  • a-nation 2013 stadium fes. (Live Clip)
  1. Catch Me -If you wanna-
  3. Humanoids
DVD Type B Tracklist
  • Off Shot Movie
  1. In Our Time (Off Shot Movie)
  2. White (Off Shot Movie)
  3. TREE OF LIFE (Off Shot Movie)
  4. Album Jacket Making (Off Shot Movie)
  • Documentary Film
  1. One and Only One (LIVE TOUR 2013 "TIME" Documentary Film)
  2. In Our Time (LIVE TOUR 2013 "TIME" FINAL in NISSAN STADIUM Documentary Film)
DVD Bigeast Tracklist
  1. TREE OF LIFE (Lip Version)


TREE is the seventh studio album released by Tohoshinki and third since the group is a duo. It was released in four editions: CD+DVD type A edition, CD+DVD type B edition, CD Only edition and Bigeast CD only Edition. The album is certified Platinum for shipment of 250,000 copies.

Oricon Chart Positions

Tohoshinki promoting the album
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 1 1 1 1 1 5 1 224,796
1 x x x x x x 8 14,627
x x x x x x x 22 5,897
x x x x x x x 32 3,972
x x x x x x x 39 2,863
x x x x x x x 47 1,687
x x x x x x x 43 1,497
x x x x x x x 50 1,441
x x x x x x x 49 1,491
x x x x x x x 46 1,156
x x x x x x x 32 1,366
x x x x x x x 73 948
x x x x x x x 102 775
x x x x x x x 121 564
x x x x x x x 93 689
48 x x x x x x 143 549
x x x x x x x 214 404
x x x x x x x 269 291
Year Month Rank Sales
2014 March 1 252,155
2014 April 45 6,116

Total Reported Sales: 265,013* (#13 Album of 2014)

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