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Johnny's Jr.

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Johnny's Jr. are those who are under the talent agency, Johnny's Jimusho.

Johnny's Jr. consists of young boys, probably around early teens, being "trained" to sing and dance. When they reach a certain age they move on to work as part of a group, duo, trio or even solo.

Some of the Johnny's Jr. audition were also aired on several TV Shows such as 8ji daJ!, Ya-Ya-yah! and School Kakumei.

Kanto Jr.

Refered as Johnny's Jr.


Not in any group

Kansai Johnny's Jr.

Usually shortend as Kansai Jr.

The first group to debut from Kansai Jr. are Kanjani8. Though the members from KinKi Kids are also from Kansai area, they weren't called as Kansai Jr. in their Junior days.


Not in any group

Special Group

Older Johnny's Jr.

Within the agency they're still categorized under Johnny's Jr., but in the entertainment world they're not referred as Johnny's Jr. anymore. They don't act as supporters for their seniors anymore and are no longer trained to debut as idols. They have been a Jr. for a long time and are now quite steady with their works, mostly dramas, musical and stage plays.

Status not clear

This groups/ people have debuted but in Johnny's official website they're still listed under Johnny's Jr.

Ex. Johnny's Jr. Group


Already left the agency

- Ando Yasuhiro
- Yoshida Yuuki
- Hoshino Masaki
- Akama Naoya
- Ayukawa Taiyo
- Yamashita Shoon
- Iida Kyohei
- Matsumoto Kohei
- Nakata Daichi
- Itou Masashi
- Nakaegawa Rikiya
- Uesato Ryota
- Makino Koji
  • From Johnny's Jrs.:
- Jimmy Mackey
- Yamashita Reon
- Uekusa Yuta

Graduated from Johnny's

Normally a Johnny's Jr. member leaves the agency without any proper announcement. But for some really known Johnny's Jr. members there was an announcement about their leaving, thus said as graduating from Johnny's.

Artists Graduation Year Explanation
Kohara Yuki ? His leave was announced during a Johnny's Jr. concert. He left to focus on studying.
FiVe 2011 The disbandment of this group was announced during a live performance. This group disbanded to form Plan-B, outside of Johnny's.
Yonehana Tsuyoshi 2012 He is said to have left based on his own decision to pursue a different path before he turned 30. This announcement was made through the internet.


But have not yet released a debut single or album. Back at the time before Shonentai debuted, this group of people were called as Johnny's Shonentai. Later they were than called as Johnny's Junior.

At some point, because of his popularity despite being a Jr., Takizawa Hideaki became the leader of Johnny's Jr. After he debuted, Yamashita Tomohisa became the leader. And the next leader was Yabu Kota, which was in the group, Ya-Ya-yah. But with his debut on September 2007, the Johnny's Jr Leader now is Nakayama Yuma, who has debuted with Nakayama Yuma w/B.I.Shadow and NYC, yet still takes part in Johnny's Jr. activities.

At first there only was Johnny's Jr. with the main base being in Tokyo. But later more and more kids from the Kansai region joined the agency, so that they were seperated into Kanto Jr. and Kansai Jr..

Though KinKi Kids was the first group to debut with members from the Kansai Region in 1997, they weren't from the Kansai Jr. The first to debut from Kansai Jr. was Kanjani8 in 2004. They keep their Kansai image and work in both Kanto and Kansai region.


As Juniors they back danced and support the performances of those Johnny's Jimusho member, who already debutet. Besides they also perform in TV shows, in concerts, in musicals and stage plays. They also appear in magazines and do radio shows. And some of them even do dramas and movies.

Jr. TV Shows

Other TV Shows


  • Kansai Johnny's Jr. @ Osaka Shochiku Summer concert 2008 (2008.08.19-28)
  • A.B.C-Z Kis-My-Ft2 First Concert (2008.10.11-13, 11.08-09)
  • Minna Crea ni Kite Kurie! (2010.05.11-19): by A.B.C-Z
  • All Kansai Johnny's Jr. Summer Concert 2010 in Osaka Jo Hall (2010.07.28-29)
  • TATSUYA UEDA with FiVe (2010.08.04-10.03)
  • Nenmatsu Young Touzai Uta Gassen! Touzai Jr. Senbatsudaishugo 2010! ~A.B.C-Z+Johnny’s Jr. Senbatsu VS Nakayama Yuma + Kansai Johnny’s Jr. Senbatsu~ (2010.11.26-27)
  • Uchi Hiroki with Question? LIVE 2010 (2010.12.14-15, 17-19)
  • Kansai Johnny's Jr. X'mas Concert 2010 (2010.12.04-25):
    • 4-5th, 10-12th, 17-19th, 21-22nd, 24th: by 7WEST
    • 7-9th, 13-16th, 20th, 23th, 25th: by B.B.V. (B.A.D. + BOYS + Veteran)
  • Kis-My-Ft2 CONCERT TOUR 2010~2011 (2010.12.28-29, 2011.01.06-07, 02.11-12)
  • Kansai Johnny's Jr. Happy New Year Concert 2011 (2011.01.02-03)
  • FiVe Live Asia 2011 in Osaka (2011.02.03)
  • Kansai Johnny's Jr. with Nakayama Yuma 2011 Spring (2011.03.05-05.05)
  • FiVe Live Asia Tour 2011 (2011.03.02, 04.04, 04.11, 05.27)
  • FiVe LIVE 2011 (2011.09.15, 09.26, 10.11, 10.24, 10.31, 11.13)
  • 帝劇 Johnnys Imperial Theatre Special 「Kis-My-Ft2 with ジャニーズJr.」 (2011.09.27-29)
  • Kansai Johnny's Jr. X'mas Concert 2011 (2011.12.3-25)
    • 7WEST : 3-4th, 10-11th, 17-19th, 24-25th
    • B.A.D. + Hamada Takahiro with Veteran : 5-8th, 13-15th, 20-22th
  • Kansai Johnny's Jr. Spring Break Super Haru Concert 2012 (2012.03.24-04.05)


  • Sano Mizuki, born in 1973, is the oldest Johnny's Jr. member. He works more on Musicals and Stage Plays.
  • Ikuta Toma won the 'best supporting actor' title in 2007. Since than he has acted in many dramas, wich made him more known as an actor. In 2010 he acted in 3 movies and a drama. Because of this since 2010 he is not categorized under Johnny's Jr. on the agency's official web-site any more. He now has his own page.

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