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Dirty Desire

Dirty Desire
US Promotional Single Tracklist
  1. Dirty Desire (Mike Rizzo Radio Edit) 3:34
  2. Dirty Desire (Digital Dog Radio Edit) 2:37
  3. Dirty Desire (Razor N' Guido Radio Edit) 3:43
  4. Dirty Desire (Mike Rizzo Club Mix) 7:03
  5. Dirty Desire (Digital Dog Club Mix) 6:01
  6. Dirty Desire (Razor N' Guido Main Mix) 8:21
  7. Dirty Desire (Mike Rizzo Dub Mix) 6:40
  8. Dirty Desire (Digital Dog Dub) 6:20
  9. Dirty Desire (Razor N' Guido DUHB) 6:22

Dirty Desire is a pop song by Utada and is the second single from her second English album "This Is the One". This single was released in December in order to support her then upcoming U.S./U.K. tour "In The Flesh 2010". In the U.S. The single reached #16 in the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart.

Song Information

Utada, Christopher Stewart
Utada, Christopher Stewart
Other Information
Produced by C. “Tricky” Stewart for RedZone Entertainment/Radio Killa and Utada for U3 Music
Co-produced by Kuk Harrell for RedZone Entertainment/Radio Killa and Sking U for U3 Music
Vocals produced and recorded by Kuk Harrell for RedZone Entertainment/Radio Killa
Recorded by Brian “B-LUV” Thomas for RedZone Entertainment/Radio Killa and Genius Bojan Dugic at Triangle Sound Studios, Atlanta, GA and Legacy Recording Studios, NYC
Additional engineering by Chris “TEK” O’Ryan for NewFaze Entertainment
Utada/Sking U session recorded by Atsushi Matsui (Birdie House)
Assisted by Masahito Komori (Birdie House) at Bunkamura Studios, Tokyo
Mixed by Jaycen Joshua and Dave Pensado for Penua Project at Larrabee Sound Studios, Los Angeles, CA
Assisted by Andrew Wuepper and Randy Urbanski
Background vocals: Angie Romasanta
Production assistant: Christy Hall