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Utada Hikaru in Budokan 2004 - Hikaru no 5

DVD and VHS Cover
Utada Hikaru
Utada Hikaru in Budokan 2004 - Hikaru no 5
Catalog Number
  1. Hikari (光; Light)
  2. traveling
  3. Letters
  4. Another Chance
  5. In My Room
  6. Can You Keep A Secret?
  7. Addicted To You [UP-IN-HEAVEN MIX]
  8. SAKURA Drops (SAKURAドロップス)
  9. Sunglasses (Rehearsal Scene) (サングラス)
  10. Amai Wana ~Paint It, Black (甘いワナ; Sweet Trap)
  11. Movin' on without you
  12. Kettobase!
  13. Wait & See ~Risk~ (Wait & See ~リスク~)
  14. COLORS
  15. First Love
  16. Deep River
  18. Uso Mitai na I Love You (嘘みたいなI Love You; An Unbelievable "I Love You")
  19. Automatic
  20. Shiawase ni Narou (幸せになろう; Let's Be Happy)
  21. B&C

Utada Hikaru in Budokan 2004 - Hikaru no 5 is Utada Hikaru's second full live DVD. The setlist spans her first three albums, her first single of the ULTRA BLUE era, and did not include any covers. The title is a reference to her 5 years in the music industry, and the concert tour had only five dates, all held in the Budokan Arena. Utada was accompanied only by a live band, and so some of the arrangements were tweaked to match the band instruments.