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Amai Wana ~Paint It, Black

Utada Hikaru
Amai Wana ~Paint It, Black (甘いワナ; Sweet Trap)
Utada Hikaru
Utada Hikaru
Other Information
Arrangement, Keyboards & Programming: Nishihira Akira
Synthesizer Programming: Nakayama Nobuhiko
Guitar: Toriyama Yuji

"Amai Wana ~Paint It, Black" is a song recorded by Utada Hikaru, first released in 1999 on her First Love album. It features the line "I see a red door and I want it painted black" from The Rolling Stones' song, "Paint It, Black".


There are three versions of "Amai Wana ~Paint It, Black" to be found in Utada's discography. These different versions are:

Amai Wana ~Paint It, Black
Found on First Love as track #5.
Amai Wana ~Paint It, Black (Bohemian Summer Live)
Found on the Bohemian Summer 2000 concert DVD as track #18.
Amai Wana ~Paint It, Black (Budokan Live)
Found on Utada Hikaru in Budokan 2004 - Hikaru no 5 DVD as track #10. The arrangement is similar to the standard version.