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Traveling (Utada Hikaru)

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CD Cover
Utada Hikaru
Catalog Number
  1. traveling
  2. traveling -PLANITb remix-
  3. traveling -Bahiatronic Mix-
  4. traveling -Original Karaoke-

DVD Cover
Utada Hikaru
DVD Single
Catalog Number
  1. Making of traveling
  2. traveling (PV)


"traveling" is Utada Hikaru's ninth single. "traveling" was used as the "NTT DoCoMo FOMA" CM song. The PV was directed by Kiriya Kazuaki (who also shot the photography and helped with the art direction), and is the second of the famous "Kiriya Trilogy" of Utada promotional videos. This is also the second of Utada's singles to have a DVD Single. The single reached #1 on Oricon Singles charts and charted for 21 weeks. It also reached #51 on the world sales charts, despite not charting for airplay. This single sold over 856,000 units in Japan and became her fourth single to chart two weeks at #1 on the Oricon Singles charts. This single became the #2 single of 2002 in Japan. Unlike her other singles, Utada never performed "traveling" live on TV (except for in the SMAP x SMAP medley) for unknown reasons. Makihara Noriyuki covered "traveling" on his Listen To The Music 2 album.

Song Information

Utada Hikaru
Utada Hikaru
Other Information
Production: Miyake Akira, Utada Hikaru and Utada Skingg Teruzane
Arrangement: Kawano Kei and Utada Hikaru
Keyboards, Programming, and Guitar Sample: Kawano Kei
Synthesizer Programming: Tsunemi Kazuhide
Bass: Saito Mitsutaka
All Vocals: Utada Hikaru
Recording: Ugajin Masaaki and Matsui Atsushi at Bunkamura Studio, Tokyo
Mixing: Goh Hotoda (assisted by Matsui Atsushi) at Bunkamura Studio, Tokyo


"traveling" contains a few English lyrics not listed in the booklet. They are: "Come on yeah," "Whatcha doing tonight, let's go for a ride!" and "Can you take me up, you look quite good. Can you keep it up? I would like to."


There are six versions of "traveling" to be found in Utada's discography. These different versions include:

Found on the "traveling" single as track #1, the DEEP RIVER album as track #2 and Utada Hikaru SINGLE COLLECTION VOL.1 as track #11.
traveling -PLANITb remix-
Found on traveling single as track #2. This is a strong, dance remix of "traveling". It was produced and remixed by Russel McNamara for UnderCover Inc. and was coordinated by Michael T. Martin.
traveling -Bahiatronic Mix-
Found on the "traveling" single as track #3. This remix is more guitar-driven and laid back then the standard version. It was remixed by Tomita Yuzuru for MINTMANIA, and had Kawakami "T-kay" Tatsuya as its track down engineer.
traveling -Original Karaoke-
Found on the "traveling" single as track #4. This is the standard version without Utada's main vocals.
traveling (Budokan Live)
Found on the Utada Hikaru in Budokan 2004 - Hikaru no 5 DVD as track two. This version has more noticeable percussion and rock sounds.
traveling (Utada United Live)
Found on the UTADA UNITED 2006 DVD as track #4. This version has a more synthesized sound to it.

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