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Kiss & Cry (Utada Hikaru)

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Utada Hikaru
Kiss & Cry
Utada Hikaru
Utada Hikaru
Other Information
Arrangement: Utada Hikaru
Keyboards and Programming: Utada Hikaru
Additional Programming: Tomita Yuzuru
Recording: Matsui Atsushi
Mixing: Goetz B. for 365 Artists
Produced by Utada Hikaru, Miyake Akira and Utada Skingg Teruzane

"Kiss & Cry" is a song recoded by Utada Hikaru, first released as an A-side on her "Beautiful World / Kiss & Cry" single. The song was used as the 2007 Freedom cup noodle CM song. It was first announced in late April and was released as a download at iTunes and other places on May 31, 2007, and would reach a #1 peak on iTunes' download charts. It also rapidly ascended into the Top 5 of the Chaku-Uta ringtone charts and was downloaded 300,000 times for its first month of release there. "Kiss & Cry" would go on to receive a double platinum certification for Chaku-Uta downloads from RIAJ, and ranked at #67. on the Recochoku top 100 most downloaded songs of 2007 list.

Music Video

The music video for "Kiss & Cry" was directed by Shiroda Toshikata. It solely features clips from the Freedom Project anime, with the characters made to lip synch to the lyrics of the song. The music video had no scene featuring Utada or an anime depiction of Utada at all. Instead, it was a Freedom character named Chiyo singing in the backround.


There are two versions of "Kiss & Cry" to be found in Utada Hikaru's discography. These include:

Kiss & Cry
Found on the "Beautiful World / Kiss & Cry" single as track #2 and HEART STATION album as track #6.
Kiss & Cry (Original Karaoke)
Found on the "Beautiful World / Kiss & Cry" single as track #5. This is the standard version except without the main vocals.