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Utada United 2006

DVD Cover

Utada Hikaru
Catalog Number
  1. OPENING (Utada)
  2. Passion
  3. This Is Love
  4. traveling
  5. Movin' on without you
  6. SAKURA Drops (SAKURAドロップス)
  8. First Love
  9. Devil Inside (Utada)
  10. Kremlin Dusk (Utada)
  11. You Make Me Want To Be A Man (Utada)
  12. Be My Last
  13. Dareka no Negai ga Kanau Koro (誰かの願いが叶うころ; When Someone's Wish Comes True)
  14. COLORS
  15. Can You Keep A Secret?
  16. Addicted To You
  17. Wait & See ~Risk~ (Wait & See ~リスク~)
  18. Letters
  19. Keep Tryin'
  20. Automatic
  21. Hikari (光; Light)


UTADA UNITED 2006 is Utada Hikaru's fifth live concert DVD (though her third full tour DVD). This DVD is billed as both an Utada Hikaru and an Utada release as it features songs from both her English and Japanese discography.

Exodus Poem

Before starting her Exodus segment of the setlists, and during outfit changes, there is a poem that plays in the background. The poem was in Japanese, written and recited by Utada herself.

Exodus Poem English Translation
Kuuki no oto

Mizu no oto
Suna no oto
Watashi no ue o nagare te iku ryuushi no oto
watashi no naka ni nagare te iru chi no oto

Chiisana mono ga dondon tsunagatte ku
Ookiku naru ookina mono ga sarasara kuzure ku
Chiisaku naru. Kieru. Arawareru. Kieru.
Dare mo inai kokoro no naka ni wa dare mo inai
Shizu ka de Hiroi
Ippon no ooki na ki ga tatteru
Shizuka de hiroi sora to zou gen no ma ni tatteru

Jibun wo yoku miseyo u to suru no wa doushite mainichi ganbatte
Minna ni suka reyo u to suru no wa doushite tsukare ta toki
Hitori ni nari taku naru no wa doushite dareka ni amae tai
Nani ka yawarakai mono ni fure tai
Himitsu wo dare ka ni buchi ake tai
Hontou no jibun wo mi te morai tai
Soretomo mirareta kanai
Misetai no ni mirareru no ga kowai
Dakara koishii hontou no jibun wa
Jibun dake ga wakatte ike ba ii.
Saikin sou omou.

The sound of air

The sound of water
The sound of sand
The sound of particles flowing above me
The sound of blood running through me

Little things gradually begin to connect
Large things, growing ever larger, begin to crumble
Becomes smaller. Disappears. Appears. Disappears.
No one is present; no one is present inside my heart
Quiet and vast
There stands a giant tree
Quiet and vast, between the sky and grassy plain it stands

Why is it that we try and show ourselves in a positive light?
Why is that we try so hard everyday to have others like us?
Why is that, when people finally like us, we want to be alone?
I want to be spoiled by someone
I want to be drawn to something soft
I want to reveal a secret to someone
I want people to see my true self
Or do I not want them to see?
I want people to see, but I am afraid of being seen
Which is why I am sad.
That is what I think.


Note: These are not the official names; they are fan names.

During the concert, Utada wore 4 different outfits. The first one was the "Puff Cloud" Outfit, which was a long black and white dress that drooped onto the floor. Near the shoulders, this dress seemed to puff out, or become feather-like. She sang her first 7 songs in this outfit. Then she wore a "Black Witch" outfit, which was a long, seemingly glossy dress, although not as long as the first. She sang her Exodus songs in this dress. When looked at closely, you can see that underneath it was a "Red Beauty" outfit, which was another red dress, apparently more comfortable than the 2 before it. It had strips near the shoulders, and allowed her to move more, A feature which was helpful in performances like Can You Keep A Secret? and Wait & See ~Risk~. She sang the next 8 songs in this particular outfit. The last one was a comfortable "Cotton Candy" outfit, which was very light compared to the rest. It had a very light pink top, and had a small blue skirt. In this outfit, she sang her last 2 songs, Automatic and Hikari.

Outfit Change

One of the most noticeable features of the concert is how Utada changed outfits. When she does, there is always something that buys her enough time to change to her next outfit and to continue performing. During the change from "Puff Cloud" to "Black Witch", the Exodus Poem is played, because she needs much more time changing costumes. Contrary to popular belief, "Black Witch" and "Cotton Candy" are costumes that are not under another costume. During the change from "Black Witch" to "Red Beauty", only a couple of minutes are needed, because "Red Beauty" is under "Black Witch", and Utada just needs to take off the first costume in order to change to the next one. In the "Red Beauty" to "Cotton Candy" interval, again, she needs more time to fully change from one costume to another. At this time, the staff appears from backstage and, one at a time, bows or waves.