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Single Cover
Utada Hikaru
Utada Hikaru
Utada Hikaru
Other Information
Arrangement, Keyboards and Programming: Nishihira Akira
Additional Arrangement: Kawano Kei
Rhythm Arrangement / Programming: Taka & Speedy for Designated Hitters, L.A.
Synthesizer Programming: Nakayama Nobuhiko
Guitar: Kon Tsuyoshi
Recording: Kudo Masashi
Mixing: Goh Hotoda at STUDIO farm & Bunkamura Studio, Tokyo/Chung King Studios N.Y.
Mastering: Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound, N.Y.


"Automatic" is a Japanese R&B song recorded by Utada Hikaru. It was first released on her debut single, "Automatic / time will tell". The song was used as the ending theme to the Fuji TV show Warau Inu no Seikatsu -YARANEVA!!-. "Automatic" and Utada's early catalog early had a strong influence from Western R&B music, which Utada grew up listening to in New York. At the time R&B was not popular in the Japan mainstream, and Utada is often noted as bringing the style into modern Japanese pop. The song has been certified Gold for 100,000 ringtone downloads by the Recording Industry Association of Japan, while the physical sales of the single reached over 2 million copies and is the second highest single for a female artist just behind Amuro Namie's "Can You Celebrate?" with 2.7 million.

In 2009, Utada recorded "Automatic Part II" with Christopher Stewart for her second English language album This Is the One. She has claimed there was an English version of "Automatic" recorded from the initial studio sessions, but it has yet to see release.

Concert Performances

Utada promoting the single

Cover Versions


There are six versions of "Automatic" to be found in Utada Hikaru's discography . These different versions are:

Found on all versions of "Automatic / time will tell" singles as track #1 and Utada Hikaru SINGLE COLLECTION VOL.1 as track #2.
Automatic (Original Karaoke)
Found on "Automatic / time will tell" 8cm CD single as track #3. This is the standard version of the song, without the vocals.
Automatic -Album Edit-
Found on the First Love album as track #1. This version is slightly shortened and adapted to flow better on the album.
Automatic (Johnny Vicious Remix)
Found on First Love album as Bonus Track #12, and later on Disc 4 of First Love -15th Anniversary Edition- as track #1. This is an upbeat dance remix.
Automatic -Album Edit- (Original Backing Track)
Found on Disc 3 of the First Love -15th Anniversary Edition- as track #1. This is an instrumental version of the "Album Edit".
Automatic (Demo)
Found on Disc 4 of the First Love -15th Anniversary Edition- as track #14.

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