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Exodus cover
Animato (アニマート)
Utada Hikaru
Utada Hikaru
Other Information
Production: Utada & Teruzane skingg U
Recording: Goh Hotoda at The Hit Factory, NYC
Mixing: Goh Hotoda at The Hit Factory, NYC
Programming: Utada and Pete Davis

Animato was the first song Utada wrote for Exodus when she was bedridden with a benign ovarian tumor. This song appears as track eight on Exodus.

Though the album, Exodus, was sung in English, the Japanese release came with an extra booklet with the translations of Utada's songs. Usually the translations are written by Hiroko Shintani, however Animato was the one track that Utada decided to translate herself.

Utada Quotes

  • "A really dense, really 'me' song popped out. It's a song whose tone and phrasing were really important. It's 'me as a girl' and 'me as a musician' and everything involved." -- Utada Hikaru
  • "For 'Animato' the translation was so different, and I didn't know how to critique it to make it better. It's probably because 'Animato' is so 'me' and another person might find it difficult to grasp its meaning. The song is pretty different, and the feel of the song was important over all else… So I decided to do it myself." -- Utada Hikaru