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Wonder 'Bout

Exodus cover
Wonder 'Bout (ワンダー・バウト)
Utada Hikaru
Utada Hikaru
Other Information
Production: Utada & Teruzane skingg U
Remixing: Timbaland for Timbaland Productions, Inc.
Recording: Goh Hotoda at The Hit Factory, NYC and Demacio Castellon at The Hit Factory Criteria, Miami, FL
Assistant Engineer: Patrick Magree
Mixing: Goh Hotoda at The Hit Factory, NYC
Production Coordinators: Bill Pettaway and Michael Evans

Wonder 'Bout appears in two places in Utada Hikaru's discography. Once on Utada's Exodus album as track #12, and then once again suprisingly on the Devil Inside Vinyl as track #5. The track was originally layed out by Utada as a song, but then was remixed by Timbaland later on. The remixed version appears on all releases.