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Type-A Cover
Type-B Cover
Type-C Cover
Type-D Cover
Koda Kumi
Catalog Numbers
RZC1-86110 (Type-A)
RZC1-86111 (Type-B)
RZC1-86112 (Type-C)
RZC1-86113 (Type-D)
  1. Shhh!
  2. Kimi Omoi (君想い)


"Shhh!" is the 59th single released by Koda Kumi. It was only available and exclusive for selling to mu-mo and concert venues at her KODA KUMI LIVE TOUR 2016 -Best Single Collection- tour. There were four different covers and the packages were not made of plastic. Also there were limited bonus items if you bought two CDs you got one live photo, three CDs - two live photos, four CDs - three live photos and a B2 sized reversible poster. Nevertheless when you bought all different types there is a big picture of her on the back of each CD which are split into pieces, make together the picture. You could chose the live photo of seven different designs.

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