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Color the Cover

CD+DVD Cover
CD Only Cover
Koda Kumi
Color The Cover
Catalog Number
RZCD-59333/B (CD+DVD+Photobooklet)
RZCD-59334/B (CD+DVD)
RZCD-59335 (CD Only)
¥4,980 (CD+DVD+Photobooklet)
¥3,990 (CD+DVD)
¥2,625 (CD Only)
¥1,800 (iTunes,, LAWSON MUSIC CARD)
CD Tracklist
  1. Pink Spider (ピンク スパイダー) (original: hide with Spread Beaver)
  2. Shake Hip! (original: Kome Kome CLUB)
  3. Lovely (ラブリー) (original: Ozawa Kenji)
  4. Jounetsu (情热; Passion) (original: UA)
  5. One more time, One more chance (original: Yamazaki Masayoshi)
  6. Alone (original: Okamoto Mayo)
  7. Blue Velvet (original: Kudo Shizuka)
  8. "Otoko" (「男」; "Man") (original: Kubo Ruriko)
  9. Dou ni mo Tomaranai (どうにもとまらない; I Can't Just Stop It) (original: Yamamoto Linda)
  10. Koyoi no Tsuki no You ni (今宵の月のように; As of This Evening of the Month) (original: Elephant Kashimashi)
  11. Uta wa Waga Inochi (歌は我が命; The Song is My Life) (original: Misora Hibari) (Bonus Track)
DVD Tracklist
  1. Pink Spider (ピンク スパイダー) (MUSIC VIDEO ~Album Version~)
  2. Lovely (ラブリー) (MUSIC VIDEO)
  3. Shake Hip! (MUSIC VIDEO)
  4. Pink Spider (ピンク スパイダー) (MAKING VIDEO)
  5. Lovely (ラブリー) (MAKING VIDEO)
  6. Shake Hip! (MAKING VIDEO)
  7. Documentary Movie THE REAL ME (CD+DVD+Photobooklet Only)


Color The Cover is the second cover album released by Koda Kumi. The album was released in four editions: a CD+DVD+Photobooklet edition containing a special photobook plus a DVD with documentary, music videos and making of; a CD+DVD edition containing the same DVD except the documentary, a CD-only edition and a LAWSON MUSIC CARD edition.

Oricon Chart Positions

Koda Kumi promoting the album
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 5 3 2 2 3 3 3 33,993
3 26 22 14 12 16 20 16 6,449
13 37 39 29 30 37 20 35 3,091
22 - - - - - - 73 1,566
- - - - - x x 109 1,183
x x x x x x x 104 794
x x x x x x x 181 466
x x x x x x x 212 380
x x x x x x x out for two weeks
x x x x x x x 168 473
x x x x x x x x xxx

Total Reported Sales: 48,395*

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