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Out Works & Collaboration Best

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Album Cover
Koda Kumi
Out Works & Collaboration Best
Release Date
Catalog Number
  1. Get It On
  2. Koda Kumi & BoA - the meaning of peace
  3. LISA - SWITCH feat. Koda Kumi & Heartsdales
  4. Heat feat. MEGARYU
  5. Koda Kumi & Heartsdales - It's a small world (Sherman Brothers cover)
  6. JHETT a.k.a. YAKKO for AQUARIUS - Just Go feat. Koda Kumi
  7. Hot Stuff feat. KM-MARKIT
  8. KM-MARKIT - Rainy Day feat. Koda Kumi
  9. Koda Kumi & D.I. - Super Sonic
  10. Candy feat. Mr.Blistah
  11. SOULHEAD - XXX feat. Koda Kumi
  12. KAMEN feat. Ishii Tatuya
  13. TRF - JOY -meets Koda Kumi-
  14. EXILE & Koda Kumi - WON'T BE LONG (Da Bubblegum Brothers cover)
  15. m-flo loves Koda Kumi - Simple & Lovely
  16. LAST ANGEL feat. Tohoshinki
  17. That Ain't Cool feat. Fergie


Out Works & Collaboration Best is the fourth compilation album released by Koda Kumi. It is a collection of Koda's rarities not found on her studio albums and some of her collaborations with other popular artists. The album reached #7 on the weekly Oricon chart, selling a total of 48,715 copies.

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