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Get Up & Move!!

Album Cover

Koda Kumi
 Get Up & Move!!
Lyrics, Music & Arrangement
 Daisuke "D.I." Imai
Other Information
Programming: Daisuke "D.I." Imai
Engineered by: Kawata Masahiro
Mixed by D.O.I.
¥255 iTunes Japan

"Get Up & Move!!" is a hip-hop/pop song by Koda Kumi. The song is found on her fifth studio album Black Cherry as track #2. It was used in the TV CM for the Suzuki Chevrolet MW.

Live Performances

Music Video

PV shot

The music video for "Get Up & Move!!" was directed by Kawamura Kensuke of GOIS.

It is mostly a showcase of Kuu and her dancers' abilities in dancing, featuring them performing various choreographed moves against changing backgrounds and, for Kuu, changing outfits. A "how-to-dance" video was released alongside the PV on BEST ~BOUNCE & LOVERS~ demonstrating the moves at a slower pace, and for both the male dancers and female dancers.


There are three versions of "Get Up & Move!!" to be currently found in Koda Kumi's discography.

Get Up & Move!! (Original)
Found on Black Cherry as track #2.
Get Up & Move!! (Pink Chameleons Remix)
Found on Driving Hit's as track #7.
Get Up & Move!! (iamSHUM Non-Stop Mix)
Found on re(LIVE) -Black Cherry- iamSHUM Non-Stop Mix as track #2.

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