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K (Koda Kumi)

Album Cover
Koda Kumi
Koda Kumi
Music & Arrangement
Matt Wong, Paulina Cerilla, G'harah "PK" Degeddingseze, Jamie Jones
¥255 iTunes Japan

"k," is a pop song by Koda Kumi. The song is found on her 16th studio album re(CORD) as track #4.

Live Performances


There are five versions of "k," to be currently found in Koda Kumi's discography.

k, (Original)
Found on re(CORD) as track #4.
k, (re(LIVE) -Black Cherry- iamSHUM Non-Stop Mix)
Found on re(LIVE) -Black Cherry- iamSHUM Non-Stop Mix as track #17.
k, (re(LIVE) -Japonesque- REMO-CON Non-Stop Mix)
Found on re(LIVE) -JAPONESQUE- REMO-CON Non-Stop Mix as track #17.
k, (shadw Remix)
Found on re(MIX) as track #1.
k, (KAZBONGO Remix)
Found on re(MIX) as track #14.

Music Video

PV shot

The music video for "k," was dropped on the avex official YouTube channel one week prior to the release of re(CORD).

It features Kuu dressed brightly in three different outfits: one which consists of a comprehensive network of balloons in her hair, one which consists of an all-green outfit, and one which consists of a pink vinyl jumpsuit. Kuu performs exercise and yoga-inspired dances with her female backup dancers on a green backdrop with pink exercise balls in her green outfit, and on a pink backdrop with green exercise balls in her pink outfit.

The dance version, released on the album, omits all the scenes of Kuu with the balloon hair and focuses on the two contrasting-colored set pieces instead.

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