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Single Cover
Koda Kumi
Koda Kumi
Music & Arrangement
Miki Watanabe
Other Information
Programming: Miki Watanabe
Bass: Ishikawa Tomoyuki
Drums: Soul Toul
Guitar: Yamada Naofumi
Mixed by Koji Morimoto
¥255 iTunes Japan

"Ningyo-hime" (人魚姫; Mermaid Princess) is a pop-rock song by Koda Kumi. The song first appeared as one of the a-sides to her 32nd single 4 Hot Wave as track #2. It was used in the TV CM for the Toshiba Vodafone 705T.

Live Performances

Music Video

PV shot

The music video for "Ningyo-hime" was directed by Tadokoro Takashi and produced by Murakoshi Hayato.


There are two versions of "Ningyo-hime" to be currently found in Koda Kumi's discography.

Ningyo-hime (Original)
Found on 4 Hot Wave as track #4 on the CD-only edition and track #2 on the CD+DVD edition.
Found on Black Cherry as track #3.
Found on BEST ~third universe~ as track #3 on disc one.
Found on Summer Single Collection 2013 as track #12.
Ningyo-hime - KODA KUMI 10th Anniversary ~FANTASIA~ in TOKYO DOME
Found on the KODA KUMI 10th Anniversary ~FANTASIA~ in TOKYO DOME digital live album as track #2.
Ningyo-hime (N15H vs. HEAVENS WiRE D'n'B Remix)
Found on Driving Hit's 5 as track #4.

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