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With Your Smile

Single Cover
Koda Kumi
With your smile
Koda Kumi
Watanabe Tohru
Other Information
Guitar: Suzuki Kenji
Programming: h-wonder
Mixed by: Yamada Naoki
Recorded by: Kawata Masahiro
¥255 iTunes Japan

"With your smile" is a pop song by Koda Kumi. The song first appeared as one of the four a-sides to her 32nd single 4 hot wave. It was used as the theme song for Nippon Television's "Nippon Professional Baseball 2006 PRIDE & SPIRIT".

Live Performances

Music Video

The music video for "With your smile" was directed by Kubo Shigeaki and produced by Murakoshi Hayato.


There are two versions of "With your smile" to be currently found in Koda Kumi's discography.

With your smile (Original)
Found on 4 hot wave as track #2 on the CD-only version and track #6 on the CD+DVD version.
Found on Black Cherry as track #14.
Found on Summer Single Collection 2013 as track #15.
Found on mu-mo Gentei ☆ Koda Kumi 2013 SUMMER BEST 3 as track #3.
Found on mu-mo Gentei ☆ Koda Kumi 2013 SUMMER BEST 6 as track #5.
Found on BEST ~third universe~ as track #4.
Found on SUMMER of LOVE as track #5.
With your smile (GROOVEHACKER$ Remix)
Found on Driving Hit's 3 as track #16.

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