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Koda Kumi Love & Songs 2022

Fanclub Ver.
Koda Kumi
DVD / Blu-ray
KODA KUMI Love & Songs 2022
Catalog Number
RZBD-77578A (DVD only)
RZXD-77579A (Blu-ray only)
RZZ1-77580A (2DVD+2CD+goods)
RZZ1-77582A (2Blu-ray+2CD+goods)
¥6,820 (DVD)
¥6,820 (Blu-ray)
¥16,500 (2DVD+2CD)
¥16,500 (2Blu-ray+2CD)
  • Disc 1
  1. RED
  2. Shhh!
  3. KO-SO-KO-SO
  4. Ima Sugu Hoshii (今すぐ欲しい; I Want You Now)
  6. Love Is Over (ラブ・イズ・オーヴァー) (original: Ou Yang Fei Fei)
  7. Aishou (愛証; Proof of Love)
  8. Swallowtail Butterfly ~Ai no Uta~ (~あいのうた~) (original: YEN TOWN BAND)
  9. magic
  10. Anemone (アネモネ)
  11. 100 no Kodoku-tachi e (100のコドク達へ; To 100 Lonely Souls)
  12. RUN
  13. for...
  14. Brave
  16. Bow Wow
  17. Insane
  18. Can We Go Back
  19. Sometimes Dreams Come True
  20. Atlas
  21. Sure shot
  22. LIT
  23. Lady Go!
  24. Lucky Star
  • Disc 2
  1. Behind The Scenes -Love & Songs 2022-


KODA KUMI Love & Songs 2022 is the 30th video release by Koda Kumi. The footage for the concert series was taken from her final performance at KT Zepp Yokohama on April 24. It was released in standard Blu-ray and DVD formats, as well as limited-edition fanclub/mu-mo 2-disc Blu-ray and 2-disc DVD sets that each came with a 2-disc audio recording of the show. There was a limited preorder bonus of a replica MY NAME IS... tour tote bag for all fanclub editions sold at all venues. In addition to the bonus photobook, documentary disc and live CDs, the playroom and Koda Gumi limited edition releases included a spray bottle.

The tracklist, similar in theme to that of 2012's Premium Night ~Love & Songs~ and 2010's ETERNITY ~Love & Songs~ concert series, contained a mix of old songs and the debut of many new songs from her 2022 album heart.

Tour Schedule

Date Time Place
2022.03.05 19:00 Sendai PIT
2022.03.06 18:00
2022.03.13 18:00 Zepp Fukuoka
2022.03.26 19:00 Zepp Sapporo
2022.04.01 19:00 Zepp Number (OSAKA)
2022.04.02 14:00
2022.04.08 19:00 Zepp Nagoya
2022.04.09 14:00
2022.04.15 19:00 Zepp DiverCity (TOKYO)
2022.04.16 14:00
2022.04.24 18:00 KT Zepp Yokohama