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Ishiguro Aya

Ishiguro Aya

Ishiguro Aya is a former first generation member of Morning Musume, and is currently a celebrity talent. She married Shinya from the rock band LUNA SEA in May 2000 and became a mother for the first time on November 5th, 2000, with a baby girl. She gave birth to a second daughter in 2002, and a son in 2004.

Ishiguro has published a book about her transition from Morning Musume to motherhood in 2003 called "Musume Kara Mama e -Ishiguro Aya no LOVE2 Ko Sodate Revolution". She released a follow-up book in 2004 called "Ko Sodate Project!"

Her first single with Morning Musume was Ai no Tane and her last was Love Machine.


  • Name: Ishiguro Aya (石黒彩)
  • Married Name: Yamada Aya (山田亜弥)
  • Nickname: Ayappe
  • Birthdate: 1978.05.12
  • Birthplace: Sapporo, Hokkaidō, Japan
  • Blood Type: A
  • Height: 161 cm (5'3.4")
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Essay Books

  • [2003.09.??] Musume. Kara Mama he Ishiguro Aya no LOVE 2 Kosodate Reboryuushon (娘。からママへ―石黒彩のLOVE2子育てレボリューション)
  • [2004.11.12] Kosodate Project! (子育てプロジェクト!)
  • [2007.10.30] Ishiguro Aya no 3 Biki no Kobuta Shokudou(石黒彩の3びきのこぶた食堂)


  • From the date Morning Musume was formed (September 7, 1997) to the date she graduated (January 7, 2000), Ishiguro's tenure in Morning Musume lasted 852 days.
  • She changed her name to Yamada Aya after she was married, with the kanji for her given name being changed from 「彩」 to 「亜弥」.
  • Contrary to popular rumors, Ishiguro was not pregnant when she left Morning Musume. She officially resigned in December of 1999 with her last public performance with the group in January of 2000. She was pregnant when she married her then-boyfriend Yamada Shinya. Her daughter was born in November almost a full year after she announced that she was leaving Morning Musume.
  • She is good at mimicking E.T..
  • During her time in Morning Musume, she had her nose pierced.
  • Her daughters' names are Rimu (玲夢) and Sona (宙奈). Her son's name is Youta (耀太).

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