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Bon Voyage! (Hayashibara Megumi)

Hayashibara Megumi
Bon Voyage!
Okazaki Ritsuko
Okazaki Ritsuko
Other Information
Arrangement: Iwamoto Masaki
Chorus arrangement: Okazaki Ritsuko

"Bon Voyage!" is a pop song recorded by Hayashibara Megumi. The song was used as the theme song to the anime OVA MINKY MOMO IN Tabidachi no Eki. The song was written by Japanese pop singer-songwriter Okazaki Ritsuko, and she covered the song on her Ritzberry Fields album.


There are two version of "Bon Voyage!" to be found in Hayashibara Megumi's discography. These versions are:

Bon Voyage!
Found on the Minky Momo Tabidachi no Eki soundtrack as track #17. The song was later placed on Hayashibara's fifth studio album, SPHERE as track #5. It was also placed on Hayashibara's best albums, VINTAGE A and VINTAGE White as tracks #7 and #5, respectively.
Bon Voyage!
Found on the bonus disc of the first press edition of Hayashibara's 12th studio album, Plain as track #4. This is a live recording of the song.

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