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Banno Bunka Nekomusume Sound Phase 0I

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Drama CD Cover
Banno Bunka Nekomusume SOUND PHASE 0I (万能文化猫娘 SOUND PHASE 0I)
Catalog Number
  1. Hayashibara Megumi - Watashi ni Happy Birthday (私にハッピーバースデイ; Happy Birthday to Me)
  2. Happening Begining
  3. Educational Guidance
  4. YAUMIN - Touch Me Softly (English Version)
  5. Best Friendship
  6. True Soap Opera
  7. YAUMIN - In The Fluffy Moon Nite (English Version)
  8. Hajimemashite, Natsume Atsuko Desu. (はじめまして, 夏目温子です。)
  9. 社長室特別遊撃隊 。ありさと今日子、 3' 39"
  10. Docchi Modocchi?! (どっちもどっち?!)
  11. Oyasuminasai, Ashita wa Ohayou! (おやすみなさい、 明日はオハヨウ!)


Banno Bunka Nekomusume SOUND PHASE 0I is the first drama CD released from the Banno Bunka Nekomusume anime. The album contains three songs, one original song performed by Hayashibara Megumi and two English language covers of Hayashibara's songs, which were originally used as theme songs in the series.

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