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A Film for XX

VHS Cover
VCD Cover
Hamasaki Ayumi
A Film for ××
1999.09.15 (Japan)
Catalog Code
AVVD-90057 (Japan VHS)
AVJVI50002 (Taiwan VHS)
AVTVCD-030 (Hong Kong VCD)
VHS Tracklist
  1. Poker Face
  2. You
  3. Trust
  4. For My Dear...
  5. Depend on You
  6. A Song for XX (TV-Spot Version)
  7. Powder Snow (TV-Spot Version)
  8. Ayu-mi-x (TV-Spot)
  9. Boys & Girls


A Film for ×× is the first video release by Hamasaki Ayumi. It was released only on VHS format. It includes the music videos of her first singles and some of her early announcement CMs.