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H (Hamasaki Ayumi)

CD Art
Hamasaki Ayumi
2002.11.07 (re-release)
Catalog Number
AVCD-30427 (re-release)
  1. independent
  2. July 1st
  4. independent -instrumental-
  5. July 1st -instrumental-
  6. HANABI -instrumental-


"H" is Hamasaki Ayumi's 27th single. "independent" was used as the image song for Nippon Television Network's "THE BASEBALL 2002", "July 1st" was used in a KOSÉ VISEÉ commercials promoting cosmetics, and "HANABI" was used by TU-KA in a commercial for promoting "funstyle" model cellphones. This single reached #1 on the Oricon charts and sold 1,000,260 copies in 2002, becoming the #1 single of the year. It charted for 25 weeks and sold a total of 1,012,544 copies.

The song "HANABI" was certified Gold by RIAJ on January 2015 for selling over 100,000 legal downloads.

Cover variants

There are five variations of this single: white, pink, blue, green and a re-released edition that comes in a digipack limited edition with the four covers and gold disc. The pink, blue and green editions feature model Kubota Atsuko (also known as Minori).



Hamasaki promoting the single.

  • A&R + Directed by Yasuyuki Tomita
  • Mastered by Shigeo Miyamoto at FLAIR
  • A&R Coordination chief: Nobuhito Ikehata (avex trax)
  • A&R Supervisor: Hidemi Arasaki (avex trax)
  • Executive Supervisor: Katsuro Oshita (avex trax)
  • Artist Management: Yuka Kikuchi, Junichi Kamitoku, Kouji Hashimoto (avex inc.)
  • Artist Promotion: Kentaro Furusawa & avex Domestic Repertoire Promotion Dept.3, Akira Akutsu & avex inc. Advertisement Division
  • Sales Promotion: Tomotsugu Ota, Kazuo Kosugi, Yasuhiro Yamamoto & All avex distribution Staff
  • Advisory Producers: Ryuhei Chiba, Motohiro Abe (avex inc.), Ryuzo Shoji (to max), Yoshihisa Nagata (prime direction inc.)
  • General Producer: Shinji Hayashi (avex trax)
  • Specially Coordinated by Tom Yoda (avex group)

  • Art Direction: Shinichi Hara
  • Design: Takuma Noriage (RICE)
  • Creative Coordination: Naoki Ueda (avex trax)
  • Photographer: Keita Haginiwa
  • Fashion Director: Koji Matsumoto
  • Stylist: Fumiharu Minoshima (OFFICE án'gel)
  • Hair & Make up: Keizo Kuroda (NEST + Allure)
  • Assistant Hair & Make up: Takahiro Yamashita
  • Nail Artist: Kanako 'Bancho' Miura
  • Stand In: Atsuko 'Minori' Kubota
  • Location Transport: Katsukasa Numakura (Nala, Inc.)
  • Props Tanks: Minoru Onozato (EAST RIGHTS co, inc.), Masanobu Amemiya (Super Drivers)

United World Charts Positions

Week 1 Week 2
Position - 39

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