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Daybreak (Hamasaki Ayumi)

CD Art
Hamasaki Ayumi
Catalog Number
  1. Daybreak "HΛL's Mix 2002"
  2. no more words "BRENT MINI'S ROTARY MIX"
  3. I am... "night clubbers mix"
  4. no more words "nicely nice remix"
  5. I am... "Ram's Special 11Days Mix"
  6. no more words "turn up the break mix"
  7. I am... "Huge Fairy tAle mix"
  8. no more words "Laugh & Peace Mix"
  9. Daybreak "HΛL's Mix 2002 -Instrumental-"
  10. opening Run "JK's extended mix"

Vinyl Art
Hamasaki Ayumi
Catalog Number
  1. I am... "Ram's Special 11Days Mix"
  2. I am... "night clubbers mix"
  3. Daybreak "HΛL's Mix 2002"


"Daybreak" is Hamasaki Ayumi's 25th single. It's a recut single limited to 300,000 copies. "Daybreak" was used as the Panasonic Digital Camera "LUMIX F1" CM song. This single reached #2 on the Oricon charts and charted for nine weeks. It sold 197,140 copies, becoming the #57 single of 2002.

Live Performances

Song Information

Hamasaki Ayumi
CREA + D・A・I + Matsuda Junichi
Other Information
Original Mix
Arrangement: tasuku
Keyboards: tasuku
Programming: tasuku
Guitars: tasuku
Bass: tasuku
Mixed by Hattori Atsushi
Acoustic Orchestra Version
Arrangement: CMJK
Programming: CMJK
Keyboards: CMJK
Strings: Udai Shika Group
Mixed by Okawa Masayoshi

Music Video

PV Shot

The music video for "Daybreak" was directed by Takeishi Wataru. It shows Hamasaki on a deserted highway in the early morning. She is wearing heavy makeup and a torn white dress. At the end of the video she begins to walk away from the camera.

The song used was "HΛL's Mix 2002" version.


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  • A&R + Directed by Yasuyuki Tomita
  • Mastered by Shigeo Miyamoto at FLAIR
  • A&R Coordination chief: Nobuhito Ikehata (avex trax)
  • A&R Supervisor: Hidemi Arasaki (avex trax)
  • Executive Supervisor: Katsuro Oshita (avex trax)
  • Artist Management: Yuka Kikuchi (avex inc.), Junichi Kamitoku (avex inc.), Kouji Hashimoto (avex inc.)
  • Artist Promotion: Toshiyasu Takahashi & avex Domestic Repertoire Promotion Dept.3, Akira Akutsu & avex inc. Advertisement Division

  • Sales Promotion: Tomotsugu Ota, Kazuo Kosugi, Akihiro Terada, Yasuhiro Yamamoto & All avex distribution Staff
  • Advisory Producers: Ryuhei Chiba, Motohiro Abe (avex inc.); Ryuzo Shoji (to max); Yoshihisa Nagata (prime direction inc.)
  • General Producer: Shinji Hayashi (avex trax)
  • Specially Coordinated by Tom Yoda (avex group)

  • Art Direction: Shinichi Hara
  • Design: Shigeru Kasai (RICE)
  • Creative Coordination: Naoki Ueda (avex trax)
  • Photographer: Leslie Kee (FEMME / TOKIO / JEDROOT / NEWYOURK)
  • Assistant Photographer: Nd Chow, Masamichi Takeuchi
  • Fashion Director: Koji Matsumoto
  • Stylist: Souhei 'Hanchin' Nakahashi
  • Hair & Make up: Keizo Kuroda (NEST + Allure)
  • Assistant Hair & Make up: Takahiro Yamashita
  • Nail Artist: Kanako 'Bancho' Miura
  • Stand In: Atsuko 'Minori' Kubota


The following are the different versions of this song released throughout Hamasaki Ayumi's discography, listed chronologically.

Found on the I am... album as track #9. This is the original version of the song.
Daybreak "HΛL's Mix 2002"
Found on the "Daybreak" single as track #1 and on the "Daybreak" vinyl as track #3. This is a remix by HΛL and it's the version used in the music video and commercials.
Daybreak "HΛL's Mix 2002 -Instrumental-"
Found on the "Daybreak" single as track #9. This is "HΛL's Mix 2002" version without the main vocals.
Daybreak "Non-Stop Mega Mix Version"
Found on the ayu-mi-x 4 + selection Non-Stop Mega Mix Version remix album as track #13. This is a remix by Lost Witness. Also known as "LW's Rising Sun Remix".
Daybreak (Acoustic Orchestra Version)
Found on the ayu-mi-x 4 + selection Acoustic Orchestra Version remix album as track #5. This version has an orchestra arrangement by CMJK.
Daybreak "Orion Too remix"
Found on the Cyber TRANCE presents ayu trance 2 remix album as track #16. This is a remixed version by Orion Too.
Daybreak "Eurospeedy Mix"
Found on the ayumi hamasaki RMX WORKS from SUPER EUROBEAT presents ayu-ro mix 3 remix album as track #8. This was remixed by Dave Rodgers and Sandro Oliva.
Daybreak (Plum mix)
Found on the ayu-mi-x 7 presents ayu-ro mix 4 remix album as track #4. This is a remix by M.O.R.

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