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Cyber Trance Presents Ayu Trance 2 -Complete Edition-

Album Cover
Hamasaki Ayumi
Cyber TRANCE presents ayu trance 2 -COMPLETE EDITION-
  1. independent (Cyber ​​NATION remix)
  2. independent (Cyber ​​NATION Original Extended mix)
  3. independent (Cyber ​​NATION Dub mix)
  4. HANABI (Lange remix)
  5. HANABI (Lange Extended mix)
  6. HANABI (Lange Extended mix Instrumental)
  7. HANABI (Lange Dub mix)
  8. July 1st (Flip & Fill remix)
  9. July 1st (Flip & Fill Extended mix)
  10. July 1st (Flip & Fill Extended mix Instrumental)
  11. July 1st (Flip & Fill Dub mix)
  12. Dearest (Rank 1 Vocal mix)
  13. Dearest (Rank 1 Instrumental mix)
  14. Free & Easy (Minimalistix Club mix)
  15. Free & Easy (Minimalistix Club mix Instrumental)
  16. Free & Easy (Minimalistix Dub mix)
  17. Connected (Ferry Corsten Extended 12" mix)
  18. Connected (Ferry Corsten Instrumental 12" mix)
  19. Connected (Ferry Corsten Ambient mix)
  20. Connected (Push remix)
  21. Connected (Push Club Mix)
  22. Connected (Push Instrumental Dub)
  23. I am... (Ramon Zenker remix)
  24. I am... (Ramon Zenker Extended mix)
  25. I am... (Ramon Zenker Extended mix Instrumental)
  26. I am... (Ramon Zenker Dub mix)
  27. Daybreak (Orion Too remix)
  28. Daybreak (Orion Too Extended mix)
  29. Daybreak (Orion Too Extended mix Instrumental)
  30. Daybreak (Orion Too Dub mix)


Cyber TRANCE presents ayu trance 2 -COMPLETE EDITION- is a remix album released by Hamasaki Ayumi. It includes all 'Cyber TRANCE' remixes from her 2002 album Cyber TRANCE presents ayu trance 2, including versions released only on vinyl versions and unreleased ones.


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