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Blue Bird (Hamasaki Ayumi)

CD only
Hamasaki Ayumi
Catalog Number
AVCD-31051/B (CD+DVD A)
AVCD-31052/B (CD+DVD B)
AVCD-31053 (CD Only)
¥1,890 (CD+DVD)
¥1,050 (CD Only)
  1. BLUE BIRD "Original mix"
  2. Beautiful Fighters "Original mix"
  3. Ladies Night ~another night~
  4. BLUE BIRD "Harderground remix"
  5. BLUE BIRD "Original mix -Instrumental-"
  6. Beautiful Fighters "Original mix -Instrumental-"
DVD A Tracklist
  2. Beautiful Fighters <video clip>
  3. BLUE BIRD <making clip>
DVD B Tracklist
  1. BLUE BIRD <video clip>
  2. Beautiful Fighters <video clip>
  3. Beautiful Fighters <making clip>


"BLUE BIRD" is Hamasaki Ayumi's 40th single. It includes two songs, "BLUE BIRD" and "Beautiful Fighters", and two remixes "Ladies Night ~another night~" and "BLUE BIRD "Hardground remix"". "Beautiful Fighters" and "Ladies Night ~another night~" were both used in Panasonic commercials while "BLUE BIRD" was used in a Zespri Kiwi commercial. The covers for each version of the single are slightly altered in different angles. Those who ordered early received a poster as a first press bonus. "BLUE BIRD" was the #32 best-selling single of 2006. This was the only song from Hamasaki that charted in the "iTunes BEST of 2006", charting at #16. "BLUE BIRD" was certified Gold by RIAJ on February 2024 for having over 50,000,000 streams.

Live Performances

Song Information

Hamasaki Ayumi
Other Information
Original mix
Arrangement: HΛL
Programming: HΛL (Umesaki Toshiharu, Shimizu Takehito)
Additional Programming: Maruyama Mayuko
Guitar: Shimizu Takehito
Strings Arrangement: Gen Ittetsu
Strings: Gen Ittetsu Strings
Drums: Kawano Michio
Additional B.G. Vocal: Hirotani Junko
Mixed by Morimoto Koji
Arranged by Akimitsu Honma
Arrangement: Honma Akimitsu
Strings Arrangement: Teho
Strings: Hitoshi Konno
Mixed by Hattori Atsushi
A Classical ver.
Arrangement: Mori Yuya
Bassoon: Inoue Toshitsugu
Clarinet: Nakamura Megumi, Itoi Yumiko
Flute: Takakawa Hideyo, Wakamatsu Junko
Harp: Asakawa Tomoyuki
Horn: Jonathan Hammill, Hagiwara Kensho, Uema Yoshiyuki, Ohno Yuta
Oboe: Morieda Mayuko
Strings: Yoshida Uchu Strings
Timpani: Kayatani Ryoichi
Trombone: Nakagawa Eijiro, Shishiuchi Kanade, Nonoshita Koichi
Trumpet: Sato Tomonori, Kumashiro Yuko
Tuba: Furumoto Taichi

Music Video

PV Shot

The music video for "BLUE BIRD" was directed by Ishii Takahide. It was shot in Guam, and features many of her background dancers.

In the first scene, she is singing on an empty beach. She is then seen on a boat with friends. Throughout the video, it switches between the first setting, the second setting, and a third setting in which she is feasting and having fun with the same friends. There is also a fourth setting where she sings on a cliff.


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Hamasaki Ayumi promoting the single.

  • Produced by max matsuura

  • Directed and Recorded by Koji Morimoto
  • Mastered by Hiroshi Kawasaki at FLAIR
  • trk.3 Mixed by Satoshi Kumasaka
  • A&R: Kentaro Furusawa (avex entertainment inc.)
  • A&R Direction: Hidetomo Yoneda (avex entertainment inc.)
  • Artist Management: Kouji Hashimoto, Junko Shimamura, Tadashi Urakami (avex entertainment inc.)
  • Artist Brand Management: Motohiro Abe (avex entertainment inc.)
  • Visual Producer: Kiyoshi 'Utsumizm' Utsumi (avex group)
  • Media Promotion: Koki Sato & All Media Division Promotion Room staff (avex entertainment inc.)
  • Media Promotion Supervisor: Akira Akutsu (avex entertainment inc.)
  • Sales Promotion: Taishi Nomura, Jun Yogi & All AMC Staff (avex marketing communications inc.)
  • A&R Creative Assist: Hidemi Ino (avex entertainment inc.)
  • Head of A&R: Hiroaki Ito (avex entertainment inc.)
  • General Producer: Shinji Hayashi, Takashi Araki, Ryuhei Chiba (avex group)
  • Recorded & Mixed at prime sound studio form

  • Art Direction: Shinichi Hara
  • Design: Takuma Noriage (momoya)
  • Photographer: ND CHOW (angle)
  • Assistant Photographer: Takuo Arai
  • Stylist: Kei Ito (ab fab)
  • Hair & Make up: Keizo Kuroda (Three Peace)
  • Assistant Hair & Make up: Kazuhisa Kurumizawa
  • Nail Artist: Kanako 'Bancho' Miura (Three Peace)
  • Assistant Nail Artist: Shingo 'Minazo' Sano
  • Stand in: Takami 'Poroko' Desaki
  • Location Coordinate: Day O Productions, inc.
  • Location Coordinate Support: Mitsu Hagiwara (hideoki productions ltd.), Stanly Izumi Kim (s.i.k.e)
  • Creative Coordination: Naoki Ueda (avex marketing communications inc.)
  • CG Treatment: Makoto Harikae, Hiroko Tanaka (amana)
  • Quality Control: Shuichi Takahashi (avex marketing communications inc.)
  • DVD Authoring: Naoya Munemura, Noriko Sakakihara (avex network inc.)
  • Team Ayu & Off Shot Movie: Kazuki 'Mr' Okabe (avex entertainment inc.)

"BLUE BIRD" video clip
Directed by Takahide Ishii

"Beautiful Fighters" video clip
Directed by Luis Hernandez
Direction Planning by Takahide Ishii

Oricon Chart Positions

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 160,572
1 5 5 3 3 2 3 3 48,390
3 14 13 12 8 7 7 12 20,004
6 - - 18 16 20 17 18 10,513
17 - - - - - - 31 6,291
- - - - - - - 37 4,288
- - - - - - - 56 2,389
- - - - - - - 61 1,919
- - - - - - - 61 1,587
- - - - - - - 101 1,129
- - - - - - - 123 928
- - - - - - - 181 556
  • Total Reported Sales: 258,566


The following are the different versions of this song released throughout Hamasaki Ayumi's discography, listed chronologically.

Found on the Secret album as track #12. This is the standard version of the song, often referred to as "Original mix"
BLUE BIRD "Harderground remix"
Found on the "BLUE BIRD" single as track #4. This is a remix version by NISH.
BLUE BIRD "Original mix -Instrumental-"
Found on the "BLUE BIRD" single as track #5. This is the standard version without its main vocals.
Found on the ayu-mi-x 6 -GOLD- remix album as track #9. This is a remixed version by 7th Gate.
BLUE BIRD (Arranged by Akimitsu Homma)
Found on the ayu-mi-x 7 -version Acoustic Orchestra- remix album as track #10. It has an orchestral arrangement by Honma Akimitsu.
BLUE BIRD - A Classical ver.
Found on the A Classical remix album as track #5. This version has a classical arrangement by Mori Yuya.
BLUE BIRD - ayumi hamasaki ~POWER of MUSIC~ 2011 A ver.
Found on the ayumi hamasaki ~POWER of MUSIC~ 2011 A LIMITED EDITION live album as track #9. This is the live recording of her performance on the ayumi hamasaki ~POWER of MUSIC~ 2011 A tour.
BLUE BIRD - ayumi hamasaki 15th Anniversary TOUR ~A BEST LIVE~
Found on the ayumi hamasaki 15th Anniversary TOUR ~A BEST LIVE~ live album as track #7. This is the live recording of her performance on the ayumi hamasaki 15th Anniversary TOUR ~A BEST LIVE~ tour.

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