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CD Art
Hamasaki Ayumi
Catalog Number
  1. forgiveness
  2. ourselves "Kentaro Takizawa Remix"
  3. HANABI ~episode II~ "HΛL'S MIX 2003"
  4. forgiveness -Instrumental-


"forgiveness" is Hamasaki Ayumi's 30th single. forgiveness was used as the theme song for the dorama Kougen he Irasshai. This single reached #1 on the Oricon charts and charted for 12 weeks. It sold 222,194 copies, becoming the #36 single of 2003.

Live Performances

Song Information

Hamasaki Ayumi
CREA and D・A・I
Other Information
Original mix
Programming: CMJK
Piano: Kusama Shinichi
Acoustic Guitar: Kajiwara Jun
Strings: Gen Ittetsu Group
Harp: Asakawa Tomoyuki
B.G. Vocal: Hirotani Junko, Kido Yasuhiro, Nishina Kaori
Mixed by Matsumoto Yasuo
Arranged by Shingo Kobayashi ver.
Arrangement: Kobayashi Shingo
Strings: Gen Ittetsu Strings
Mixed by Hattori Atsushi

Music Video

PV Shot

The music video for "forgiveness" was directed by Okoyama Yoshiya. It shows Hamasaki being awaken by a fairy. It also shows Hamasaki in a castle in the middle of the ocean, as a fairy surrounded by fairies, while singing the song. She raises up to the sky as if she were flying, with the moon behind her.


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Promotional Poster

  • A&R + Directed by Yasuyuki Tomita (avex trax)
  • Mastered by Shigeo Miyamoto at FLAIR
  • A&R Coordination: Kentaro Furusawa (avex trax)
  • A&R Chief: Nobuhito Ikehata (avex trax)
  • Executive Supervisor: Daisuke Shimokawa, Katsuro Oshita (avex trax)
  • Artist Management: Yuka Kikuchi, Junichi Kamitoku, Kouji Hashimoto (avex inc.)
  • Media Operation: avex Media room & Promotion room, 2nd A&R/Promotion Dept. Akira Akutsu, Koki Sato & avex inc. Advertisement Division
  • Sales Promotion: Taishi Nomura, Kazuo Kosugi, Tomoaki Sato & All avex distribution Staff
  • Advisory Producers: Motohiro Abe (avex inc.), Ryuzo Shoji (to max inc.), Yoshihisa Nagata (prime direction inc.)
  • General Producer: Shinji Hayashi (avex trax), Ryuhei Chiba (avex inc.)
  • Executive Producer: Masato 'max' Matsuura (avex inc.)
  • Specially Coordinated by Tom Yoda (avex group)

  • Art Direction: Shinichi Hara
  • Creative direction, Image photography and computer generated environment: Me Company.
  • Photography assistant: Gregor McGregor
  • Coordination: Takahisa Iwayoshi, Ayako Takada (Interlink Planning)
  • Design: Shigeru Kasai (RICE)
  • Creative Coordination: Naoki Ueda (avex trax)
  • CG Treatment: Makoto Harikae, Hiroko Tanaka (amana)
  • Quality Control: Shuichi Takahashi (avex trax)
  • Stylist: Hideo 'Kokomi' Suzue (H)
  • Assistant Stylist: Tomoko 'Yukinko' Takahashi (H)
  • Costume Creator: Akira Noda (Workaholic)
  • Costume Thanks: Boutique Salon coco
  • Hair & Make up: Keizo Kuroda (THREE PEACE)
  • Assistant Hair & Make up: Yoshinori 'Barber' Ito (THREE PEACE)
  • Nail Artist: Kanako 'Bancho' Miura
  • Stand In: Atsuko 'Minori' Kubota

Oricon Chart Positions

Week # Week Rank Sales Total Sales
1 1 132,092 132,092
2 5 46,480 178,572
3 8 18,149 196,721
4 19 9,233 205,954
5 23 5,414 211,368
6 45 3,474 214,842
7 48 2,272 217,114
8 x x x
9 x x 221,553
10 120 829 220,724
11 142 620 221,344
12 122 850 222,194

Total Reported Sales: 222,194


The following are the different versions of this song released throughout Hamasaki Ayumi's discography, listed chronologically.

Found on the Memorial address mini-album as track #7. This is the standard version of the song.
forgiveness -Instrumental-
Found on the "forgiveness" single as track #4. This is the standard version without the main vocals.
forgiveness (Arranged by Shingo Kobayashi)
Found on the ayu-mi-x 7 -version Acoustic Orchestra- remix album as track #12. It has an orchestral arrangement by Kobayashi Shingo.
forgiveness - ayumi hamasaki ~POWER of MUSIC~ 2011 A ver.
Found on the ayumi hamasaki ~POWER of MUSIC~ 2011 A LIMITED EDITION live album as track #1. This is the live recording of her performance on the ayumi hamasaki ~POWER of MUSIC~ 2011 A tour.

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