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Ayumi Hamasaki Music for Life ~Return~

DVD/Blu-ray Cover
Hamasaki Ayumi
ayumi hamasaki MUSIC for LIFE ~return~
Catalog Number
AVB1-27420~1 (DVD+PHOTOBOOK+SmaPla Movie)
AVX1-27422 (BluRay+PHOTOBOOK+SmaPla Movie)
AVB1-27423~4 (DVD+SmaPla Movie)
AVX1-27425 (BluRay+SmaPla Movie)
¥8,300 (DVD+PHOTOBOOK+SmaPla Movie)
¥9,300 (BluRay+PHOTOBOOK+SmaPla Movie)
¥6,300 (DVD+SmaPla Movie)
¥7,300 (BluRay+SmaPla Movie)
  1. Daybreak
  2. 23rd Monster
  3. We are the QUEENS
  4. Dreamed a Dream
  5. Four Dimensions
  6. Return Road
  8. (miss)understood
  9. Pray for you
  10. Haru yo, Koi (春よ、来い)
  11. Voyage
  12. evolution
  13. Not yet
  14. A Song is born
  15. progress
  16. Mirrorcle World
  17. Love song
  18. MY ALL
  19. TODAY
    <bonus track>
  20. Mirrorcle World
  21. Life
  22. MY ALL
  23. TODAY


ayumi hamasaki MUSIC for LIFE ~return~ is a concert DVD/Blu-ray released by Hamasaki Ayumi. It was performed for two days in Chiba, for fanclub members only. It's the first live concert performed in almost a year and a half. It was made available as a mu-mo shop limited edition.

Tour Information & Schedule

The tour had a total of three shows, one on June 26th and two on June 27th.

Date City Venue
2021.06.26 Chiba Maihama Amphitheater