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Love Classics

Album Cover
Hamasaki Ayumi
Catalog Number
  1. Voyage [Pachelbel's Canon]
  2. SEASONS [Dvorak: Ieji (Koukyoukyokudai 9-ban "Shinsekaiyori"~Dai 2 Gakushou)]
    (ドヴォルザーク: 家路(交響曲第9番『新世界より』~第2楽章); Dvorak: Homeward Bound (Symphony No. 9, "From the New World" - The Second Movement))
  3. Days [Vivaldi: Violin Kyousoukyokushuu "Shiki"~"Fuyu" Dai 2 Gakushou]
    (ヴィヴァルディ: ヴァイオリン協奏曲集『四季』〜「冬」第2楽章]; Vivaldi: Violin Concertos "Four Seasons" - "Winter" the Second Movement)
  4. TO BE [Bach: Heikin Ritsu Clavier Kyokushuu Dai 1-kan Dai 1-kyoku Prelude]
    (バッハ: 平均律クラヴィーア曲集 第1巻 第1曲 プレリュード; Bach: Well-Tempered Clavier Volume 1 First Song Prelude)
  5. YOU [Petzold: Minuet (Minuet of Bach)]
    (ペツォールト: メヌエット(バッハのメヌエット))
  6. Virgin Road [Chopin: Amadare no Prelude]
    (ショパン: 雨だれのプレリュード; Chopin: Raindrop Prelude)
  7. Dearest [Dvorak: Humoresque Dai 7-ban]
    (ドヴォルザーク: ユーモレスク第7番; Dvorak: Humoresque No. 7)
  8. HONEY [Handel: Oratorio "Messiah"~Hallelujah Chorus]
    (ヘンデル: オラトリオ『メサイア』~ハレルヤ・コーラス)
  9. winding road [Debussy: Zensoukyokushuu Dai 1-kan~Amairo no Kami no Otome]
    (ドビュッシー: 前奏曲集第1巻~亜麻色の髪の乙女; Debussy: Preludes Volume 1 ~ Maiden of Flexing Hair)
  10. Who... [Elgar: Ai no Aisatsu]
    (エルガー: 愛の挨拶; Elgar: Greeting of Love)


LOVE CLASSICS is Hamasaki Ayumi's third classical album. The cover of the album was painted by Aki Miyajima, this album came also with its poster in the size of 24cm × 36cm. The songs are choosen by the fame of her love songs which are known as wedding songs. These songs got arrangements of famous composer, in fact they used some elements of their symphonys. Like "MY STORY Classical" and "A Classical", this orchestra album uses the famous trademark of Hamasaki Ayumi, the "A" as font.


Oricon Chart Positions

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- 11 11 18 15 21 28 16 6,192
24 - 37 x x x x 64 1,146
x x x x x x x 124 569
x x x x x x x 189 365

Total Reported Sales: 8,272*

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Position 23 64

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