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Inspire (Hamasaki Ayumi)

CD Art
Hamasaki Ayumi
Catalog Number
AVCD-30620/B (CD+DVD)
AVCD-30621 (CD Only)
¥1,890 (CD+DVD)
¥1,050 (CD Only)
CD Tracklist
  1. INSPIRE -Original Mix-
  2. GAME -Original Mix-
  3. INSPIRE -Instrumental-
  4. GAME -Instrumental-
DVD Tracklist
  1. INSPIRE (video clip)
  2. GAME (video clip)


INSPIRE is Hamasaki Ayumi's 33rd single. INSPIRE was used as the image song for a Fuji TV special about the Guggenheim Museum in New York as well as a tie-in for avex auditions 2004. GAME was used as the Panasonic 700MD CM song. This single reached #1 on the Oricon charts and charted for 15 weeks. It sold 329,145 copies, becoming the #16 single of 2004.

Live Performances

Song Information

Hamasaki Ayumi
Yukumi Tetsuya
Other Information
Arrangement: HΛL (Umesaki Toshiyasu, Shimizu Takehito)
Programming & Guitar: HΛL
Additional Programming: Maruyama Mayuko
B.G. Vocal: ayumi hamasaki
Mixed by Morimoto Koji

Music Video

PV Shot

The music video for "INSPIRE" was directed by Inoue Tatsuo and was filmed in Los Angeles, California.

Hamasaki is walking down the city and sees a promotional poster of "INSPIRE" with arid earth as the promotional image. Then it shows Hamasaki going to a tropical island by raft. There she sings and dances in the ocean water with her dancers, and also do a versioned tribal dance.


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Promotional Poster

  • produced by max matsuura

  • A&R + Directed by Yasuyuki Tomita (avex trax)
  • Mastered by Shigeo Miyamoto at FLAIR
  • A&R Coordination: Kentaro Furusawa (avex trax)
  • A&R Chief: Nobuhito Ikehata (avex trax)
  • Executive Supervisor: Daisuke Shimokawa, Haji Taniguchi (avex trax)
  • Artist Management: Yuka Kikuchi, Kouji Hashimoto, Makoto Noto (avex inc.)
  • Media Operation: avex Media room & Promotion room, 2nd A&R/Promotion Dept. Akira Akutsu, Koki Sato & avex inc. Advertisement Division
  • Sales Promotion: Hideo Yamamoto, Masatoshi Furukawa, Atsushi Shiraishi & All avex distribution Staff
  • Advisory Producers: Motohiro Abe (avex inc.), Ryuzo Shoji (to max inc.), Yoshihisa Nagata (prime direction inc.)
  • General Producer: Shinji Hayashi (avex trax), Ryuhei Chiba (avex inc.)
  • Specially Coordinated by Tom Yoda (avex group)

  • Art Direction: Shinichi Hara
  • Design: Takuma Noriage (RICE)
  • Creative Coordination: Naoki Ueda (avex trax)
  • CG Treatment: Makoto Harikae, Hiroko Tanaka (amana)
  • Quality Control: Shuichi Takahashi (avex trax)
  • Photographer: Leslie Kee (FEMME/TOKYO, JEDROOTS/NEW YORK)
  • Assistant Photographer: Makino, Tommy, Lyan
  • Fashion Director: Kei Ito
  • Stylist: Hideo 'Kokomi' Suzue (H)
  • Assistant Stylist: Tomoko 'Yukinko' Takahashi, Hirosuke 'Darling' Terada
  • Hair & Make up: Keizo Kuroda (THREE PEACE)
  • Assistant Hair & Make up: Kazuhisa Kurumizawa
  • Nail Artist: Kanako 'Bancho' Miura
  • Location Coordinator: Day O Productions, Inc./L.A, Stanley Izumi Kim (sike)
  • Thanks to: Ready Go! (EASTRIGHTS co.,inc.)
  • Costume Support: emanuel ungaro

Oricon Chart Positions

Week # Week Rank Sales Total Sales
1 1 181,325 181,325
2 3 59,179 240,504
3 4 37,357 277,861
4 11 19,128 296,989
5 21 10,455 307,444
6 24 6,641 314,085
7 37 3,745 317,830
8 41 2,705 320,535
9 61 2,396 322,931
10 x x x
11 x x x
12 x x 327,925
13 129 771 327,925
14 157 657 328,582
15 190 563 329,145

Total Reported Sales: 329,145

Total Reported Downloads: 750,000 (INSPIRE)


The following are the different versions of this song released throughout Hamasaki Ayumi's discography, listed chronologically.

Found on the MY STORY album as track #13. This is the standard version of the song and it is often referred to as "Original Mix".
INSPIRE -Instrumental-
Found on the "INSPIRE" single as track #3. This is the standard version of the song without its main vocals.
Found on the ayu-mi-x 6 -GOLD- remix album as track #5. This is a remixed version by Armand van Helden.
Found on the "INSPIRE / CAROLS" vinyl as track #1. This is a club remix by Armand van Helden.
Found on the "INSPIRE / CAROLS" vinyl as track #2. This is a dub remix by Armand van Helden.
INSPIRE (AKBK "valle blanco" remix)
Found on the ayu-mi-x 7 presents ayu-ro mix 4 remix album as track #. This is a remix by DJ Mocchi and valle blanco.

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