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Trouble (Instrumental/Acapella)

Digital Cover
Hamasaki Ayumi
TROUBLE (Instrumental/Acapella)
  1. We are the QUEENS - Instrumental
  2. We are the QUEENS - Acapella
  3. We are the QUEENS - Instrumental without chorus
  4. æternal - Instrumental
  5. æternal - Acapella
  6. æternal - Instrumental without chorus
  7. WORDS - Instrumental
  8. WORDS - Acapella
  9. WORDS - Instrumental without chorus
  10. W - Instrumental
  11. W - Acapella
  12. W - Instrumental without chorus
  13. The way I am - Instrumental
  14. The way I am - Acapella
  15. The way I am - Instrumental without chorus


TROUBLE (Instrumental/Acapella) is a special album released by Hamasaki Ayumi. It contains instrumental and acapella versions of the song released in her last mini-album, TROUBLE.

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