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Vogue Far Away Seasons

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VHS Cover
DVD Cover
Hamasaki Ayumi
vogue Far away SEASONS
2000.07.12 (VHS)
2000.09.20 (DVD)
Catalog Code
AVVD-90082 (VHS)
AVVD-91035 (DVD)
¥1,100 (VHS)
¥1,650 (DVD)
VHS Tracklist
  1. vogue (Video clip)
  2. Far Away (TV-CM)
  3. vogue Far Away SEASONS (making of)
  4. Credit
DVD Tracklist
  1. vogue Far Away SEASONS (Video Clip)
  2. vogue Far Away SEASONS (TV-CM)
  3. vogue Far Away SEASONS (making of)
  4. Credit


vogue Far Away SEASONS is Hamasaki Ayumi's third VHS release and second DVD release. It reached #1 on the Oricon charts and charted for 17 weeks.

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