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Ever Free (Hamasaki Ayumi)

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"vogue" Cover
Hamasaki Ayumi
ever free
Hamasaki Ayumi
Other Information
Arrangement: Suzuki Naoto
Mixed by Hattori Atsushi

"ever free" is a song recorded by Hamasaki Ayumi. It was used as the insert song for the dorama Tenki Yohou no Koibito. It can be found on her 14th single "vogue" as track #10.

Live Performances


The following are the different versions of this song released throughout Hamasaki Ayumi's discography, listed chronologically.

ever free
Found on "vogue" single as track #10. This is the standard version of the song.
ever free "HΛL'S MIX 2000"
Found on "SEASONS" single as track #11. It is a remix by HΛL.
ever free "Acoustic Orchestra Version"
Found on ayu-mi-x III Acoustic Orchestra Version album as track #8.

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