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Rule (Hamasaki Ayumi)

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Hamasaki Ayumi
Hamasaki Ayumi
Watanabe Miki
Other Information
Arrangement: HΛL
Programming: HΛL (Umesaki Toshiharu, Shimizu Takehito
Additional Programming: Maruyama Mayuko
Drums: Tamada Tom
Bass: Kitasaka Junko
Guitar: Shimizu Takehito
Mixed by Morimoto Koji

"Rule" is a song recorded by Hamasaki Ayumi, first released as an A-side on her single "Rule / Sparkle". The song is described as a fast paced rock song, and was used as the international theme song for the movie Dragonball Evolution.

Live Performances

Music Video

The PV for "Rule" was directed by Ishii Takahide. The video features a ninja theme with some Dragonball references.


There are five versions of "Rule" to be found in Hamasaki Ayumi's discography. These are:

Found on the "Rule / Sparkle" singles as track #1, and on NEXT LEVEL as track #10.
Rule (Instrumental)
Found on all of the "Rule / Sparkle" singles. This is the standard version of the song without the vocals.
Rule (80kidz "No More Rule" mix)
Found on the all of the "Rule / Sparkle" singles. The remix features a heavy techno sound with a slightly slower tempo.
Rule (Remo-con "tech-dance" remix)
Found on the all of the "Rule / Sparkle" singles. The remix features a heavy distorted techno sound.
Rule (ARENA TOUR 2009 Live)
Found on ayumi hamasaki ARENA TOUR 2009 A ~NEXT LEVEL~ as track #2. The arrangement is similar to the standard version of the song, with a short pseudo-acapella opener.

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